Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Home for the Holidays -- YAY!!!

Almost  thot-- we would be spending Christmas IN the hospital!?!?! Still could !?!?! Been in and out (husband esp--wont watch his diabetes  BB!!) --so much lately--  Add to the fact-- that I haven't plowed thru all my wanted-to-do list yet -----TG--  for--painting---- (ornaments and things_ -- so much easier than cloth and clay projects---  but with my artistic A-D-D--- and the internet-----You would know-- I get in the mood for clay --(NOW --- it is porcelaina  fria(sp?)  ordered from  Brazil)  My Christmas gift to myself -hmmmm -- ..I did get a purple (cloth) angel finished for a special lil girl--And-- I have two cloth dolls made for  two lil baby girls due for the holidays----I have been debating  how to dress them  --?? In red for Christmas  or wait to see color preference--- and hopefully remember to take their pixs for this blog before they make their journey--Lately--  I forget the pictures--  because I am so far behind -- I am just happy to get them mailed ..Did I say MAIL?? Geepers  after  a wild time spent in the overcrowded  crabby(people) lobby ---mailing late things  --I can tell I am not the ONLY ONE--behind!?!?!?!?!?!hihi _But I thot I would  put up a couple of things to show I am still around and "TRYING"---   
 The snoopy pinata didn't survive his "beatings?"
in Spanish class  for a picture--boohoo--- but he did come out really cute---OH and our   Kami is working with encaustics for a school project...Yesssssssss  --- another distraction for me---Hopefully-- I will get back to this blog---before the New Yer begins  but who knows around here hmmmmmm SO Here is an early wish --for --the best of everything   ----in the holidays and in the New Year  --to come----xoxoxoxox Jandee

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ornaments--Part of my Holidaze

I love lil things ---as you know ---if you follow here--and lately with all the running--I need things I can carry with me and do by hand ---if possible--in the car --- at the doctors office (PS the surgeon has dismissed my hubby YAY!!!!) Waiting for Kids  in the car --to get out of school  etcetra-----SO-- here are some--I have tried---Only problem--I never take a camera for a step by step--- ANYWAY
an easy one to do---Cut a circle and baste the edges and pull the thread until  it is almost closed-- then stuff (I used a ready made pom pom--Either I am getting lazy or smarter ???  but cotton  is good--) Then just trim it ---pom nose and pom on the hat top --oops didn't focus in on that one ---Beard is some small boa trim I had--Eyes are  what I use in  my needlefelting adventures---- told ya I skip around --A LOT!!
 Next  a Felt --not felted -- but "felt" cutie...So many online people making felt cuties--- I think GINGERMELON has a ton of patterns--  I was on the HIVE  for awhile  (Tons of creative souls there) but they moved and I never made the move with them--OTTN??) and LOVED  her creations  -- BUT--I don't use patterns ---  Still----I could draw out-- what I   DO /DID?? if anyone is interested--
Last but not least for today---two styro-foam balls covered in first a red sweater knit (altho a red felt would do as well) and then embroidered in green and white felt /embroidered and cut like flower --petals and stitched onto the  red knit--Yeah--I delved into quilting too and got this idea-----of different pieces sewed together!?!?!?!?!? --my dizzy mind!!!However  sometimes

"I"  think ---lil things---- take longer than  the big ones---Course I always run into problems when I stop to think. Truthfully--lil things--satisfy my need to move on to a new project fast--A "production" gal--I am not--  More like----" there"--- I tried that --I--did that---On to the next---My husband says---as long as my  --OTTN disease stays confined to my crafts and art --- and not him --- heh heh ----

Monday, November 26, 2012


or I will be--- Not from crafting tho---I have to show a few high school-ers- how  to go about making a Snoopy Pinata ---How messy can we get????Oh well if it helps their Spanish grades???I am debating  picture taking during the process--We'll see!!??!! Then I have a Cavalier costume to make for the English class-- --However the  thirteen year old--- only asked me to take a bunch of girls to see Breaking Dawn--No problem--except I never like to sit sooooo close to a BIG screen..but honestly --the places was jammed---SO cant blame it on the girls---oh yess We have a Christmas  parade to get ready for----

Friday, November 23, 2012

My new adventure ----- FOFUCHA!!!!?????

 And  IT  looked so--- easy????  ----when   I watched a couple of   ladies--on YOU TUBE--- showing you how they are made----( EVA  foam and a glue gun!! Among other things)  But believe me--It takes PRACTICEand ---I've  watched so  many *you tube* tutorials on  fofucha now-- that  I forgot "which" lady got me hooked 'first'  !!!    I left comments wondering where I could go for lessons--So far--- no reply..I guess my Google translation of Portuguese--just made them shake   their heads in wonder?????? I did manage to get some flesh colored EVA foam  ordered-- altho I couldnt seem to order any of the magazines I thot might help!?!?!but I   am  practicing with white foam---because I found the flesh color hardest to get-- So--if you are interested in this type of---- lil CUTIE--- Write in--- FOFUCHA --- on your YOU TUBE search bar---You will get a  lot of wonderful tutorials--and ideas------I am also trying my hand at making  their flexible masa --or porcelaina fria --I  have worked in air dry clay  and  polymer clay --but the PF  seems to dry so much faster--which will jive with my impatiences---- just fine !! And sure would help with  my holiday gifts  etc!!! Hope your holidays are proving as adventurous as mine--Big hugs..Jandee --  

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Today is Thanksgiving! Why didn't the holidays arrive this fast when I was younger?? Maybe I should put in my  Christmas wishes-- with this Thanksgiving wish!! So nothing can slip past me in this busiest of seasons!!!!  BUT --I know ---you know ---I am thankful for everything and esp--- my internet family -- Still--- never hurts to remind everyone---You have kept me sane-- thru many sorrows --and giddily happy thru many triumphs---Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

little things

Alien #2Is Mr Dust Whisper-er..I am debating --- lint from my washing machine --or--wool roving  to put in his arms for dust--so yesss-- he isn't finished--but thot I would put up a few of the lil things I am finishing up--before I start my holiday items--Next is the kitty I promised my  daughter  #2 ---and last but not least is an angel ornament--(start of my holiday goodies) Sorry--- the rush pictures aren't--the greatest  but if you follow my blog you already  know  I cant take good pictures!! If I could  --I would put tutorials up ---on  the YOU TUBE acct---- I have had forever--- and still zilch on it---I do share my tips and techs -- in person -- LOVE SHARING and spreading the art around--Just  not a techie !  AND---Lately ----it has been a hassle  just to craft!!!To keep my Blog and Facebook etc  etc   going!!AM I just slwoing down or is thee world spinning faster???????????

Friday, November 2, 2012

one alien finished and more to come

I used a thick holograph paper to make a cone body  --then decided that I didn't like silver with the gold in her yarn hair--So I fused some gold paper--(cant think of the  name of it right now
on  the silver cone---Found some gold ribbon I had  and an ear ring with four gold  pieces  --I dis- assembled --- and this is how I put them all together for my gold ornament angel--who holds her own lil gold ornament------Cant get any BLINGEE "er" that this  (heheh) !?!?!I have a lil hanger  on the top of her head  --to hang her  or she can stand along on a table or shelf---And--- Last-- but not least--  I put some gold wrapped candy --in a gold bag--  with an angel charm-- and stuffed that in the hollow of her cone skirt>>> I am off to mail her today--(after my husbands trip to the therapy center) Now to give a big shout out to Ady  from DOLL DREAMS---Although I have made many dolls in my time--I always seem to  make it so complicated for myself--I cant use a pattern--Lord knows ---I have a few-- unopened ---that people have sent me and swear by them--and I pull them out and go into ??? whatever  and put them back---Anyways--Ady --who loves big eyes girls as much as I do --and has glorious  - art   lessons on her site--offered a class on a doll--But her following  prefers  drawing them --Luckily  I got in on her doll..(Moi--- and maybe two others??? )Before she decides to pull it off----I am thinking of putting my ventures up on Facebook and sending a few doll-making gals out her way----She made a witch--but I am sure you can make anything you want with the process she shows --- I  did----SO Thanks ADY---for sharing your way---   Just Google DOLL DREAMS  for a real treat----  WE ALL LEARN SO MUCH FROM EACH OTHER!!!as FOR ME --- i --AM VERY VISUAL!!! Classes that  are on videos---are my way to learn!!! And ---I-- believe--- you  never stop learning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I am back

Thank goodness for swaps and challenges --I need the "play"time before I start my Christmas orders---Hubby had his second hip replaced and  that meant  another stay in the hospital   for me----I had just been in myself/ for other reasons / but  he didn't  (and wouldn't) stay with me  --MEN!!!!(to tell the truth I like being alone when I am sick..I hate being fussed over and fussed at--- hihi--but I did with him  because he is just a bear when he is sick --He has to be talked into things and nurses --well he had a couple thrown off his case hmmmm---   add to that----sleeping on a chair wasn't  much fun for either!! And if I hadn't  gone to the rehab daily  afterwards/ via the freeway--to take him out of his room and into their lil outside garden daily---noone would have survived--hmmmmmm --He hates being cooped up --with all the helplessness---the smells-- the food -- the meds --  OH MY!!! TO say he is NOT a good patient --well there are no words for his attitude --- but we made it home  YAY!! I have been so  out of it these last few weeks   (whatever --- who is counting)  Then I remembered ---- I have  some swaps---  but---No time to go --and shop ----With PTs and OTs coming here--- and grans to pick up from school  and groceries to get  and well you know--- all dem excuses-----What can I do??? Found  some FIMO light-- I have been wanting to try--- and a few odds and ends in my stash--- And I have a Witch--hmmm could that be me?? and an angel (also me --hihi) in the making----As always --- my hubby calls them ---aliens --UNTIL---they go into their final stage---ANYWAYS---It is good to be crafting again!!! so here is a peek at my ALIENS!!!!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Art Gallery

I feel like I should own an art gallery  --to show off all the talent ---of the artists-- of my recent ATC SWAP at The CRAFTER CAFE---I even had to show you the  envelope one of the atcs was in ---OH MY!!! I still cant believe how many ways a mermaid can be interpreted..but I ---DO know -- I could NEVER--- CHOSE A FAVORITE!!!  Thanks Denise Queenley--Gloria Sauve--Aletha---Ike--Susan Sayler---Sherry Baldy---Rhonda Miller--Edwina Brown---Sue Hamel ---Jacqy Weber---Julia Vasquez---Susan Guzy---Hannah Lynn and---someone called Kristy Deyette!?!?!  Heheh  Just teasin K-Fabulous swap  Fabulous Hostess---Cant get any better!!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Remind me---- NOT---- to

 Over extend myself ---- Yah --- like I listen!!!--  Cant show you my Christmas orders yet---  AND  Shouldn't  show the next two dollies---  for various reasons--- except  that Accidents happen when you over extend yourself..Not only does this dolly need a redo--but so do I--- after a few freakyaccidents  --not only to the dolls---  but  moi also!! And these were suppose to be my  fun dolls?????? 

but  ---- artist must  overcome --whatever--- and keep on going  so  hopefully be back with more!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

I should--- name this blog--- The FICKLE CRAFTER

Sort of---looks like I am starting Halloween early--but truth be known...I happened on some old polymer clay ---Fimo --- to be exact ----and wondered if it as still usable-----needless to say---it took a lil more prep work than usual  but  it seem to be workable----I have been toying with the idea of doing a BJD  forever--but it wasn't until I saw  one made with beads--  that I fell in love with-- and decided this could be my stepping off stone---to start with one similar---I have seen a few done  similarly --but I guess it finally clicked with me----Last year  I used paper clay  for my Halloween playthings and swaps..And I read where Fimo now has a new paper  clay also...So I may try a few in it--- but for now--I have gone polymer once more-- Christmas is coming--- and maybe-- for once-- I can get a head  start--- Yea  Like that is going to happen heheh  

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Got another 14 mermaids done for a swap (at CRAFTER'S CAFE) and I mailed my first September birthday gifty out--No Pixs of the gifty but did take a few of my mermaids--- which I will share---I drew my mermaids and hope they don't mind -- but I learn so much more--- painting each  one----Imagine my surprise when I had thot I had  quite a few "finished " ---only to find  (the next day) my water colors had faded into the paper---which is all well and good for a picture --- but I wanted dimension-----So I went back with nail polish and LIQUID PEARLS  --I love LP--- Anyway here are some pixs---I started with just a mermaid-- then decided  I wanted more--One that said something to the viewer ----with out me writing my own thots on the ATC---Think I found it ---and I put a   merMAN on the back ---for the ladies --- with my info---I love being in the swaps ----as I see SOOOOOOO many different ideas  and I think they are ALL FABULOUS!!!SOrt of like being in a candy store--SO many fantastic ideas!! OH MY!!!! ( PS  The hair became dimensional when I added yarn strands and  painted over it!)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Puzzle Charm swap at Paper pantry

This is what I finally came up with --for my   latest puzzle charms swap --I have puzzles   pieces   everywhere hihieven on the inside of my card with my info--I need to find this  puzzle lady again and give her creator credit -------------------------- How kool is she???????????????????????I even hung a lil silver puzzle piece around her neck and then in a rush to pack it up  forgot to take that picture!! Oh my  Cant say  the lazy days of summer as it has been the  Crazy days of summer!!!

Fairy fantasies

These tags --one of which is shown here---are also for  the Paper Pantry ---It had to have a fairy on it-- and a acetate overlay  --SO I sprayed the background and put in a lil fairy and surrounded her with pressed (dried) flowers--then I put the overlay-- and put a lil girl--on it-- who had just discovered her----In back I have a lil elf who has discovered some fairies at play--He is in all gray --as the front says -- (In the black and white of this world ---is a gray-- that is fairyland
--colored by our imagination!) The lil holder-- for the tag --is all black-- with black and silver embellishments!! Lots of fussy work but fun --Hope I didn't go overboard  I kept adding and adding!!?????
There is a silver charm (on each tag in back) and in front there is a lil bronze key with dried flowers and the saying  --Unlock the Magic!!!

Vintage bathing beauty cards

Well--- you would know --- I forgot to take a few other pixs for this swap ---and one is the back of the girl in the White bathing suit--which I tried making 3d ---by  modpodging napkin on her outfit

MIA---- because

Finishing up projects------ and summer activities  !!!   Here is one of the finished ATC's for Paper Pantry  The bird is the front and the lil girl (with info) is the back!!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

New project

I have several --really --but I thot it was  a --ha-ha or aha???-- moment--- that my husband's bird watching  "fit in" with the one of the projects (an ATC swap)-----That is his lil yellow binoculars behind the ATC-- I am constructing--I have to do one (to almost  finished)-- so I can then see  how to  set up my assembly line--Since I draw and fussy cut--takes me longer than the gals with the cutting machines and stamps--- but space and  moola --keep me dreaming!! I really don't mind tho-- as I love to draw and create---I think "need" is a good thing  --if --- kept in check!?!? What "is" that saying about  -------- being the mother of invention???

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Yay--Have two swaps finished

This is the back   (of course I have to do the back too)and front of my charm tags --  I love this lil cat  and had to include him somewhere---I have the Vintage  cards all wrapped to mail-- so wont undo for more pixs---  But I did add more  goodies to send with them---Now to wrap these tags and finished my ATC swaps and  on to a sewing project--Did a lot of sewing today ---as the kids are leaving for Illinois and had certain outfits they want to take--- that needed a needle and thread taken to them!! Sort of  inspired a need to do a sewing project!  If I get real ambitious--I may even pull out my (Portable) sewing machine! And yet---  Someone gifted me with some new clay---Oh my---What next??????

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

oops not all the pixs came thru

Hi Hi-- This is the front of my Victorian  Bride swap--- I am working on--dunno why it didn't come thru the first time?????

Working on the Victorian bride swap

Funny--This isn't what I had in mind  but  it has turned out nice-----The bottom pic is the back with  my  lil  Victorian note paper and my  spot to sign my name etc--I always  like my back to look nice too!! Got that from my mom --I guess-- who always said -- the inside or back side of whatever you make --should be just as nice as the front----

Monday, June 11, 2012

Another Charm swap

Have  another charm swap due andhere is my first try for the  pearl and alexandrite  challenge---Have the pearls and  look-a-like  alexandrite (goodness is that an expensive stone ----TO GET FOR REAL!!!!)--I Googled it--- to see if I was on the right track!!hmmmm  and  hard to find any substitutes------  anyway ----  Put it the large charm dangle--- then  will have two smaller hanging charms on the side ---The glimmering colors on the tag ( I made) didn't want to  photograph well--as did the  supposedly alexandrite beads --- which are also  glimmering types--couldn't find any  smaller substitutes for the alexandties-- and so had to go with the larger pearls --Luckily--small charms to dangle on the end--- aren't as hard to find! I am sure all the bead-ers and jewelry makers would know just where to go for all this --- but ----Since I do  this on a whim---- every now and then---- I  have to rely on my Google friends!!! Now for the hard part---for me at least---- Trying to make  the other tags the "same"....I am still trying to climb out of my OOAK BOX!! Could be my artist  A DD that makes me want to make  just ONE of EVERYTHING--- Ya know --I do one-- and tire of it ---and want to go to the next thing!! But I am trying!!!!!!!WOnt say I will  ever get into a production mode  but  I AM TRYING!!heh heh!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dipped in Utee

I decided to
  dip my beach  charms in Utee-- and I really like them  better--- The top two are the family favorites--- but I have already done four more ---of the same  four--- soooo  ---- Some other time -- as I have  other things --needed to be finished and experimented on hmmmmmm

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Here's a start

on my next swap at Paper Pantry!!
The theme is "summer fun: and the colors are yellow and orange--Think I mentioned that already???So much going on here--with the end of school closing in on us-- ! Anyways--Lots of horse shows etc coming up-- for Kami and lots of music gigs  for Kevin-- !!Too many projects for me--but then  --that is how it runs-- for everyone nowadays  it seems!!  Anyway here is the card (one of  9 or ten that is)to be made!!,, I have decided to  draw  again!!!  Still  not gathering stamps--which would be so much easier--- but  long story behind that -- and TMI  soo I did a bunch of  shrink plastic for a Christmas swap--then hid the stuff--to rest up from it for awhile and always forget I have it ---for awhile anyway hihi-Wish I didn't get bored so easily-- and get one whole project done before I start another--  My bad!!!  I  have another charm swap and a Victorian bridal swap and TMI--so I better  get going here--Stopped to go see Snow White and the Huntsman last night--Surprise--the guys decided to go with us..Never told us if it was because it was a dark adaptation of the  the old fairy tale--or maybe the  pretty ladies in it??HEH HEH  the guys werent so bad either !!We have quite a few we would   like to see-- but don't always pick up and run like last night-Anyway  I am rambling on here---Have to decide  if I am going with the family to an event or staying home and finishing up some projects????????

Friday, June 1, 2012

Paper Pantry swap has arrived

Woo-hooo!!!! What a gorgeous bunch of ATCs!! Isn't it simply incredible(!!!) how many different ways and ideas --- people can come up with --- with a suggestion of color  ----Which was green ---and an idea to develop-----Garden Dreams!!!  I was going to try and match the cards up with their owners  but there was one name I couldn't quite make out and so not to embarrass myself for my DUH!! moment--I will just let it go !!! I am  developing my next set of atcs today!! The colors are orange and yellow ---and  summer fun or activities!! Cant-- WAIT--- to see how many wonderful  ideas are developed !?!?!?! Back to  my own  creating hihi