Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lost count

of School projects I have helped with thru the years--I think this one is the last---for this year--anyway--- as their school is closing for summer--but ya know what??? I enjoy their projects ---and seeing  " what" they decided to use--- and" how "they decide it should be done---One thing for sure -- Granma always has supplies haha  --Kami whisked away the finished project-- today---  but I did get a couple-- while we were working on it---

Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!!

My  Grandmother had a son in "each" branch of the service-- and fed any service man --her sons sent to her house!! My husband has many --in his family-- that have served-- and my brother was a Marine  etcetcetc  so Yes  Memorial Day --has a lot of  meaning ! I am not a fan of WAR  but I am a fan of those that keep the peace!! They are my heros!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012


 Why does everything happen at once???I hope I can schedule everything so we can do all that is coming up in June---If I live thru it all--I will have LOTs to blog about  but for now  Wish me luck!!!

To swap ----or not to swap??

I  recently came across this pix of a pin I had made for a swap--- Not my first or last swap that went awry-----Like sending it out into space-with no return and no replies---- At least it was just a pin.. One swap-- that  sort of blew me away -- was one --I not only put a lot into -- but had a "lot" of special things included--for my partner--- who had corresponded-- before the swap---- but once I sent my part --My partner just disappeared!!  I wrote and  asked the hostess " what happened?" and
all she said is-- Guess we just have to deal with it--- some people are so rude!!  Luckily--I had ARIES Parents --who lived up to their astrological sign--and never let anyone (or anything) to get them down---TY /M&D------SO I keep on Swapping -- and  needless to say--- have met the nicest people and gotten the best swaps-- Have faith ---  Still  swap!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Charm swap done

I chose  --- The  charms and beads to match the folder--I had originally made a more colorful set -- but it   didn't seem to fit ----I always enjoy  figuring out what to put on the back too-----

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I have always been fascinated with "WINGS"!!  My Grandmother use to tell me that my shoulder blades were  (enclosed) wingsIf I ever  thot of having a tatoo --It would have to be something like this---- I think a henna one is even better--I am not a great fan of pain!!!--And speaking of pain.. I finished my Paris Chic  labels today-- to add my charms to-- Gathered them up to put away for  tomorrow's finishing touches-- and they stuck together---Before you tell me hihi my bad---they had been sitting out all day  to dry!!-----It must be more humid out than I thot--So NO pixs yet of the charm swap!! I WILL GET IT DONE  I WILL!!!!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012


You saw my crafting  "SPACE"??? ----in my room--  you would say---- I live in a circus!!!hi-hi--- Anyway--You would also know  why I do / what I do/ to feed my craft needs---I would dearly love to buy "stamps"--- But that would  bring truth to my husband's words --- that as soon as I equip myself for a new craft---  I am on to the next--- and not only can we afford ---only so much ---but there is simply no room to store these things--  (and if --we finally get to bring up my BOXES of craft supplies from Illinois --that is now in storage there -----wellllllll----So I surfed the NET --( where there is a WILL-- there is a WAY--right!?!?!)and found all these marvelous images -- and cut them out --and pasted them together and put them in my copier and Voila--I had something to mod podge onto my blank ATCs--- for the PAPER PANTRY'S --May (circus theme) atc swap-- Not selling them--Not saying they are mine--  Just sort of advertising the circus--SO I think  it was a safe thing????Usually I  draw up my own--  but I found--- I cant  do  --many--- of the-- same-- thing---I give each a different twist-- soooooo I had to find a way to do--- Many of the Same---Anyway--  I have a start ------

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

woohoo-----  I AM BACK!!  Just thot I would warn ya!!     Started on some challenges  at  the PAPER PANTRY---Guess I ---WILL--- have to get dressed  ---when I go for some  supplies--but it IS nice to just visit in ---------.I mean on the computer hihi!! Did enjoy--Seeing the Outer Banks---and my cousin Tanya Mallard   in Plymouth!!   Hi Tanya--If you are reading this!!!Now you know me and Cameras---Well I lived up to my reputation....Took one along and never used it----I take the battery" S" out of the Camera because it sucks the life out of them --the minute I put some in--SO I "had" packed them  "Somewhere" and forget about them until--I want to take a picture--Get the picture!?!?!