Thursday, June 14, 2012

Yay--Have two swaps finished

This is the back   (of course I have to do the back too)and front of my charm tags --  I love this lil cat  and had to include him somewhere---I have the Vintage  cards all wrapped to mail-- so wont undo for more pixs---  But I did add more  goodies to send with them---Now to wrap these tags and finished my ATC swaps and  on to a sewing project--Did a lot of sewing today ---as the kids are leaving for Illinois and had certain outfits they want to take--- that needed a needle and thread taken to them!! Sort of  inspired a need to do a sewing project!  If I get real ambitious--I may even pull out my (Portable) sewing machine! And yet---  Someone gifted me with some new clay---Oh my---What next??????

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Sherry said...

Lovely tag Jandee! Sounds like you've been and are going to be busy again! Enjoy all that creating as ever xx