Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kami's art

This is Kami --my youngest gran and the most artistic of the 7-- I have---I don't post about her too much --due to her mom's restrictions on it--But she is my artistic advisor and buddy Who has many years ahead of her to learn ---still--- she already beats me in her artistic endeavers--- She is the one who named Madame Boo-- and tells me what she thinks looks good etc
After many painful times in our family --Jeff being killed on American Airlines Sept 11th and my dad losing his battle with cancer and losing my youngest son and now mom slipping into dementia..Well If it wasn't for Kami (and her brother Kevin) enlisting me for all their school projects and getting me orders and aiding and abetting in all this..TMI SORRY!!!. SO here is to Kami!! for coloring my world in rainbows -- This post is for you hon!!! Luv ya much Granma!!! Except for the lil clay bear on her lap -- that she made-- during the summer-- the doll and paintings are some of her more recent projects for school She didn't want her face in this-- but it is too cute to leave out!!Dont cha think???

Madame BOO

Madame Boo not only sees the Spirit World but she "!?!"lives in the Spirit World..I'm thinking --Woohoo I do-- do that--- from time to time!! haha think that is ---I am going thru my GOTH phase-- as black is very prominent in my Halloween creations this year-----
Altho a couple of my swaps do have orange on somewhere--And Madame Boo does have a ghostly topknot but the breeze decided to hide it!!And for all you jewelry makers out there please don't hate me for her gaudy "Chain" necklace...We all do what we can !?!?!hmmmmmmm

Monday, August 29, 2011

Too many distractions on this internet

Yep--- I joined in for some ATC swaps and I finally used that material I batik- ed ( Argh my spelling) to make a cloth mermaid for even another swap!! Cant blam ethe internet tho as I have always been a restless craft-er!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

matchbox buddies

The cute lil match box was sent to me by my friend Kai and it inspired some ittybitties....

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Have you ever??

seen one of these lil guys?? Well neither have I!! haha until I started making my Halloween things this year!! First he seemed to be a cat-- but then-- He looked like a bat boy-- but -- if you know me!?!?! my lil creations "never" end up what I think they should be!! This one sure took me out of the box!! hmmmmm and even his lil frosted pumpkin isnt a normal color!! OH MY TG for artistic expression being allowed!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Some pin cushion witches for a swap

See Not all my witches hae a cute face like the one I amnot suppose to show yet!!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Trying to decide

I am suppose to make a "palm"size swap for HALLOWEEN..In my very own 'quirky' fashion--I chose to make it out of cloth instead of the paper clay I have been working with--I wish I could use the "cernit" my dear friend Kai sent me --It has been four years since I played with cernit-- but that is another story--and since my swap partner is a girl-- I am staying away from the monsters I have in mind for my paper clay hmmmm--for now anyway!!!I was planning to make her a lil trick or treater "ghost" --with her pigtails showing thru some cuts in her (sheet) costume-- BUT---She has decided --That is- not- what she wants to be-- finished her today--and we (both) are quite happy ---at how she turned out ---But--- I cant put the finished picture up JUST YET!!! Stay tuned--I am on a roll ---hahaha----

Saturday, August 13, 2011