Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Home for the Holidays -- YAY!!!

Almost  thot-- we would be spending Christmas IN the hospital!?!?! Still could !?!?! Been in and out (husband esp--wont watch his diabetes  BB!!) --so much lately--  Add to the fact-- that I haven't plowed thru all my wanted-to-do list yet -----TG--  for--painting---- (ornaments and things_ -- so much easier than cloth and clay projects---  but with my artistic A-D-D--- and the internet-----You would know-- I get in the mood for clay --(NOW --- it is porcelaina  fria(sp?)  ordered from  Brazil)  My Christmas gift to myself -hmmmm -- ..I did get a purple (cloth) angel finished for a special lil girl--And-- I have two cloth dolls made for  two lil baby girls due for the holidays----I have been debating  how to dress them  --?? In red for Christmas  or wait to see color preference--- and hopefully remember to take their pixs for this blog before they make their journey--Lately--  I forget the pictures--  because I am so far behind -- I am just happy to get them mailed ..Did I say MAIL?? Geepers  after  a wild time spent in the overcrowded  crabby(people) lobby ---mailing late things  --I can tell I am not the ONLY ONE--behind!?!?!?!?!?!hihi _But I thot I would  put up a couple of things to show I am still around and "TRYING"---   
 The snoopy pinata didn't survive his "beatings?"
in Spanish class  for a picture--boohoo--- but he did come out really cute---OH and our   Kami is working with encaustics for a school project...Yesssssssss  --- another distraction for me---Hopefully-- I will get back to this blog---before the New Yer begins  but who knows around here hmmmmmm SO Here is an early wish --for --the best of everything   ----in the holidays and in the New Year  --to come----xoxoxoxox Jandee

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