Monday, July 27, 2009

blast from the PAST

First--- my daugther says--- she is going to find and give me a "cd" she had made --of pixs of some of my older craftin days --Don't remember imortalizing anything in photos back then-- maybe I just knew --they would better be forgotten???? Then my mom -- who is in her 90's--has decided to redistribute "her" clutter.. mostly things I had made her!! So since I am still not up to crafting...I decided to give myself a giggle and anyone else who decided to peek in ..and hopefully show you do et better with time ---welll you are suppose to ..if you stick to it and practice and---not jump around to new things--- all the time----Thatll learn me!?!?!?!?!?!??!?Where shall I start???! welll lets see grab a cuppa coffee cuz the first one is one I made for mom (and similar ones for her two friends..however-- I only have hers) they use to meet at a lil coffee place (she lives in Fla -- so most places have Spanish names..This one is "El Gallo de ORO " or the Golden Rooster...I made them in clay years ago and they havent chipped or faded WOW!!! I also made A Golden rooster in old lame --with wire legs etcetc for the owner and a tole painted picture of a Rooster-- lookin at his watch-- sayin -- Time for -- El Gallo de ORO!! Those --I dont have pixs of --nor were they returned-- I guess that is a good sign??More oldies later !!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I think

don't everyone disappear -- but I think --I need a new camera---This one only takes one or two pics-- per new battery --and I don't take good pics anyway...Maybe-- just maybe-- a new one would help---Anyway.. I am almost finished with my Friendly Plastic projects..I am really glad I found out-- that you can just heat FP --with an embossing gun --to work with it-- instead of the hot water bathe and the oven or electric skillet thing.I am sure those-- are needed also-- for more creative approaches-- but this one does the trick for someone in my position.. bed craftin-- hmmm---- Oh well-- takes all kinds-- and you can usually find all kinds blogging-- soooo here I am--While doing these gals-- I thot of a lot of different approches to FP .. I may try when able....... SO--I backed these gals with black FP--- to make them stronger-- but I forgot the front gets a wee bit soft too-- and will pick up smudges from the fingers .. learn while you work they always say!!!I used Yarn for hair because the colors seem to fit !?!? I haven't decided whether to gloss over the yarn(hair) --or just leave it ..I liked the faces better after I put a finish on them .. Back to the ol drawing board ---

Friday, July 17, 2009


Forgot to show the mermaid tail - - - oops- and tell you that she is only 2 inches --dont think I will be able to work that small any more---THe leaf afiry is 8 inches so that might be possible I lov real small things Guess I will have to change my views on that!?!?!?!

Bright spot

The only bright spot today-- was crafting in my bed again...Really-- just taking my UFO and finally doing something with them--One lil clay fairy-- I have had sitting around-- for over ten months--waiting to be finished... I dressed her in leaves-- no less-- and I had all sorts of gossemer material-- I was going to use --go figure-- No sewing just a lil glue .. I also glued some fiber--- for a lil tail on a pin--- and thot I wuld show a journal I had made...Just because I cant do much --my poor muse is going heywire with ideas---Cest la vie------

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Talk about getting a get well boost!! Linda WALSH put up ---a too kind interview --on her blog --- I LOVE CRAFTS ---for blogs and top blogs--- OH Dear Linda--- I wish I wasnt so computer illterate -- I wanted to put your title on my blog and in my emails-- but I have to ask for help----I have a few awards people sent me that I dont know how to put up ---Honest!!! Makes me so mad at myself--- I dont want people to think I am not grateful--- but I need to learn how to do this ..I keep thinking I am talking to myself like a diary here.. apparently not so Thanks guysand esp thanks LInda That was soo sweet of you I am still blushing hugs jandee

Friday, July 10, 2009

Crafting Where??????

What do you do with a Crafter that is sentenced to stay in bed due to one thing and to wear an eye patch due to another??? You prop her up and surround her with things She can do !?!?! or try to do --- to keep her from being a complete PIB!!! Don't know how long this will work?? but here is some of the things I have done this last week-- IN BED --- I dont even remember the weeks before so Must be getting better!!--Had eye surgery that didnt get off the ground too good Still hoping for better days..Maybe a better mood will help??hoho And an old problem I thot I had controled --Reared its ugly head -- but hey-- You can hand sew in bed and you can draw--two of my favorite sports --uh-- crafts --- so I dressed my lil bear (i had made earlier )and I was dressing one of my dolls -- but not sure I like it --- I took the easy way out with a ribbon ---We' ll see ---A t least I am doing something !!!!!!and I decided to use my oil pastels -- Less messy in bed--- and draw the face I have in mind--- for a new doll..Janika...I may just draw for awhile --- it was fun!!! Even with one eye which needs surgery too!! Just doing this made me feel better---I also got my daughter's lap top ---to Blog --in bed---Everyone says--- Oh how wonderful .. to do things from your bed WOnderful would be being to be my old wild self OUT OF BED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS A big thanks to my hubby for taking these pixs..