Friday, November 23, 2012

My new adventure ----- FOFUCHA!!!!?????

 And  IT  looked so--- easy????  ----when   I watched a couple of   ladies--on YOU TUBE--- showing you how they are made----( EVA  foam and a glue gun!! Among other things)  But believe me--It takes PRACTICEand ---I've  watched so  many *you tube* tutorials on  fofucha now-- that  I forgot "which" lady got me hooked 'first'  !!!    I left comments wondering where I could go for lessons--So far--- no reply..I guess my Google translation of Portuguese--just made them shake   their heads in wonder?????? I did manage to get some flesh colored EVA foam  ordered-- altho I couldnt seem to order any of the magazines I thot might help!?!?!but I   am  practicing with white foam---because I found the flesh color hardest to get-- So--if you are interested in this type of---- lil CUTIE--- Write in--- FOFUCHA --- on your YOU TUBE search bar---You will get a  lot of wonderful tutorials--and ideas------I am also trying my hand at making  their flexible masa --or porcelaina fria --I  have worked in air dry clay  and  polymer clay --but the PF  seems to dry so much faster--which will jive with my impatiences---- just fine !! And sure would help with  my holiday gifts  etc!!! Hope your holidays are proving as adventurous as mine--Big hugs..Jandee --  

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