Thursday, September 20, 2012

Art Gallery

I feel like I should own an art gallery  --to show off all the talent ---of the artists-- of my recent ATC SWAP at The CRAFTER CAFE---I even had to show you the  envelope one of the atcs was in ---OH MY!!! I still cant believe how many ways a mermaid can be interpreted..but I ---DO know -- I could NEVER--- CHOSE A FAVORITE!!!  Thanks Denise Queenley--Gloria Sauve--Aletha---Ike--Susan Sayler---Sherry Baldy---Rhonda Miller--Edwina Brown---Sue Hamel ---Jacqy Weber---Julia Vasquez---Susan Guzy---Hannah Lynn and---someone called Kristy Deyette!?!?!  Heheh  Just teasin K-Fabulous swap  Fabulous Hostess---Cant get any better!!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Remind me---- NOT---- to

 Over extend myself ---- Yah --- like I listen!!!--  Cant show you my Christmas orders yet---  AND  Shouldn't  show the next two dollies---  for various reasons--- except  that Accidents happen when you over extend yourself..Not only does this dolly need a redo--but so do I--- after a few freakyaccidents  --not only to the dolls---  but  moi also!! And these were suppose to be my  fun dolls?????? 

but  ---- artist must  overcome --whatever--- and keep on going  so  hopefully be back with more!!!!!!!!!!!