Monday, June 11, 2012

Another Charm swap

Have  another charm swap due andhere is my first try for the  pearl and alexandrite  challenge---Have the pearls and  look-a-like  alexandrite (goodness is that an expensive stone ----TO GET FOR REAL!!!!)--I Googled it--- to see if I was on the right track!!hmmmm  and  hard to find any substitutes------  anyway ----  Put it the large charm dangle--- then  will have two smaller hanging charms on the side ---The glimmering colors on the tag ( I made) didn't want to  photograph well--as did the  supposedly alexandrite beads --- which are also  glimmering types--couldn't find any  smaller substitutes for the alexandties-- and so had to go with the larger pearls --Luckily--small charms to dangle on the end--- aren't as hard to find! I am sure all the bead-ers and jewelry makers would know just where to go for all this --- but ----Since I do  this on a whim---- every now and then---- I  have to rely on my Google friends!!! Now for the hard part---for me at least---- Trying to make  the other tags the "same"....I am still trying to climb out of my OOAK BOX!! Could be my artist  A DD that makes me want to make  just ONE of EVERYTHING--- Ya know --I do one-- and tire of it ---and want to go to the next thing!! But I am trying!!!!!!!WOnt say I will  ever get into a production mode  but  I AM TRYING!!heh heh!!

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