Sunday, December 14, 2008


I know my photos are famously blurry!! hmmm --But at least-- it can give you an idea-- of what I am up to ..If I would remember to take them -- Already sent out a lil gold Christmas angel and a lil cloth pillow/heart with a crystal heart and a saying attached !! But-- I did get a p ix of the red-fairy --who is finally finished --- had trouble with her feet ---long story--- but she is fini-- finally~~~I sent my swaps -- and I have two lil ladies in the closet crying for me to finish them before I make more useful items for the family.. I think I wouldnt know what to do with my self -- if I wasnt in a race about something -- Maybe that is why I love the lil stress dolls --- soooo me !!hohoho---OH welllll

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Well I actually made the deadline on these two --Now to see-- If I can cook those Colombian deserts-- we need for the exhibit--If they come out I may even add a pix here hohoh Now to see if my swaps are on time Oh my I havent even started on Christmas -- much less my swaps and I thot my alnighterdays were dont hmmm

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Talk About frustration

I offered to make two Colombian Dolls for a South American event at school..Well the gal is almost finihed but I didnt take pixs along the way because I had so many things go wrong..The mohair I used for the hair grew all over her and I did so much to tame it I finally pulled it all off and I also ruined the face Oh My Then after I had her all dressed--- the Spanish teacher-- who is from Colombia-- suggested a differen material -- but NO way am I going to change a thing -- and the male doll which- I did get a pix of --before I have finished -- is up for all to see in all his errors -- Well ya know-- W8man are more touchy-- than men about you seeing them less than perfect hohohohohoho

Sunday, November 30, 2008


my youngest son Ron -who died unexpectedly in August!! You were always the spark plug at the family gatherings Our love for you will remian in our hearts

Monday, November 24, 2008

I can always tell

when my things appeal to my youngest grandaughter I find them in her room hoho I luv it-- Kids are my best critics..Now I have to make a polar bear as the kids fell in love with this bear-- when they went to Atlanta with their mom and if my plate isnt full enough We have umpteen birthdays in NOVEMBER!!!!


I actually worked on a doll til I finished her!! I love fall colors -- so maybe all the beautiful colored fat quarters inspired me??? OOps I forgot to show all the lil buttons I sewed on her..but I love the ornament she is holding..I have a request for a winter fairy like the red fiary oh my glad they dont want a duplicate!!!!!!!!

dont know why

I cant seem to finish this lil red fairy I guess when I worry too much about the outcome!?!? I start to hesitate?? Anyway-- I took a break and pulled out a UFO..Of course I was going to take step by step pixs but welllll I did take a few..The doll's face was already peciled in so allI did was pull out my water color pecils and gave her dome color the I did a lil needle sculpting and I put on rust suade yarn for hair I love faces and on to the legs I loved the knee bead used so I went thru my fat quarters and found almost a match !! The I threw my fat quarter on the table and started her costume I like my legs a lil longer that this doll so I filled in the ankle which I covered and added a foot and made some shoes I was on a roll!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Here we go again

Just when I thot I was firmly into cloth-- and I was going to --put out a call -- SEND ME YOUR UFOS---I picked up a --clay UFO --of mine --and sat down to deal with her--WEll--- she is -- "clay and cloth"-- and she is a "promised" RED FAIRY-- for someone --who like me-- thot I would never get to her !?!? WELL hot done yet BUT SHE HAS COME A lONG WAY -- SOOOO maybe?? so WHAT SAY YOU??

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Meant to say-- that neck scarf was another VELIA- MADE-- as of course is the orange dragon and colorful gal included OH MY WILL i ever get this right without oooops?

from California

Got another box today!! No-- Not Ufo-s--- but a box of goodies none the least---from the ufo lady --herself -- Oh my -- its Christmas already... I am putting up a pix of a few of my favorite things ---Thanks Velia---ps the black neck scarf was handmade by Velia and there is a gold parsely leaf pin on it -- there is also some of the lace she sent me -- but it doesnt show up --

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

another Fini

Remember her?? Well her she is finished!! A lil Flower fairy --Who has become --the protector of this lil bird!! Most probably from KAT!! The Lady Kat-- finished before this-- Well really-- Kat should be in California by now-- So "birdie" is safe -- for now-- Hmmmm I decided not to add legs She sits very well -and- she makes a neat wall hanging!!!!The lil fairy that is~~ Cut my hand so the next lil dolly-- in the UFO box --will have to wait--- I can one finger--- peck and-type ---but I need both hands to create and I dont want blood all over-------- WHO--- comes next>>>>

Saturday, November 1, 2008


I meant to say is NOW working on a quilt !!!!

It is catching This crafting itch

Kevin is our clayer..He has done many cool model like his mouse last year or his man for ancient history in paper clay!! and Kami is our sewer having made a doll and attempting crochet here and is not on a quilt!! What FUN messe we make!!


DOll in line ---from my box of UFO"S

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


As if I am ever finished --but I have added a few more things-- and packed "KAT " for her trip back to Velia!! No one here --liked the blank stare-- and since I am doing this for someone else -- I thot I would get a majority vote-- on "some" things. well if I didnt do some diffy it wouldnt be myslant on it--.I like Diffy..maybe too diffy-- but I love manga and anime etc etc so I hope Kat is somewhere in between NOW...And to all of you --that commented --Sorree-- I didn't realize they needed my approval to be shown -- Heck-- I am just so happy to have comments..Any way-- I went to read them @ gmail prompted by a friend hihi and oops I just deleted--after I read them anyway I think I did as they dont show up--- How do I approve them??? Welll Know-- that I am happy --you looked-- and I will get this game in gear soon Ihope

Saturday, October 25, 2008

To quote --- the lil Engine

I think I can --I think I can!! Can "what" you say??--Well a friend sent a box of--- UFOS ---and said -- See what you can do with these?? Welllll--- I always like a challenge--My only problem is--Will "she" like--- what I do with them!?!?!We all have such different taste(that is what makes it so interesting --dont you think??) and as you can see-- my newest love is anime..Whatever -- Here is my box of UFOS !! Sorry !! I was in such a hurry to get started--- I didnt "think" (not that is a bothersome problem with me hahah)to pick the first body WHY that one??because she had such a colorful body (and no head) I love to do faces.My friend does gorgeous ART DOLLS.. But she did say-- Go for it-- so here is what I came up with ..and I must have six or more bodies..but some of these already have heads-- and some even have a face sketched in-- SO to get started --I found one I could really have my way with-- haha --thanks Velia !! it has put some life back into my creative spirit!?!?! Which I thot-- I had lost forever with my recent loss--- Ready?? tell me what you think--hohoho I asked for trouble didnt L??

Friday, October 17, 2008

Yes I do pretty too

Someone asked-- if I have given up on pretty dolls and cloth dolls!?!? NOPE-- just gratifying WHIMS!! Lets see I have used paper clay(example -- my red hat lady)-- I have use cernit (Lord Farklemore ) who has a needle-felted cat with a clay face) I have done dolls skinned in nylon(stockings) ---cotton --silk --leather-- porcelain --Some have won awards and some have been in magazines ---and all are adopted...Sadly I havent kept track of most of them It wasnt until I joined an online doll club that I decided to take a few pictures ..but the only looking back I will do is to put up a few I do have pictures of..some of these are on my picturetrail and a few people have said they would send pics of their adopted dolls anyway Like I said -- Ya never know-- which way-- I will decide on next week---!?!?!

Told YA

My new love --for the week --at least-- is BUNKA dolls --I think these can be called that?? The ones I saw on the internet were pretty lil things.. But with Halloween due.. I almost did some Day of the Dead dolls-- but my heart wasnt in it (. Due to a recent death of a family member-)- --Now --these lil ones-- with a comic Halloween twist--- seem to fit the bill-- See how they dance around my computer ??I am haunted `~~I may just try some pretty ones too-- as I loved a couple I saw on the internet!! But would you believe??these are already spoken for Oh my ya just never know!?!?!?!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

newest fun thing

is how well --my -creations blend with Natures !! I will post some started and some finished----I know --Not everyone-- likes these things-- but "someone" might --and too-- It wont be long before I am on to another-- fun--thing -- so bear with me--- and let me know --what you think!!??? Hmm I may wish I had never said that Oh welll!!!

Almost an artist

I think --if I could stick to-- one art --and perfect it..I could call myself an artist !! but-- as soon as I finish one project-- I see another-- I want to try --Of course with the internet --feeding this mostorous curiousity !!!--Still --- I cant just blame the internet-- as I have always had this (artistic?) ADD--- a case in point---My brother just sent me some childhood (colored Chalk) drawings --and said-- What happened ?? I was sure you would be an artist someday !! ?? My reply-- was that I hadn't reallly found my niche yet!! Too many crafts and so little time!! The drawing I am posting-- was of then cat-- and I am posting my now (live cat) Mr Moo --because he sits on my craft (and computer) table and keeps me company.. Well if stting on my computer-- and swatting-- and tasting my crafts.. makes him company SOBEIT!! --Also --he is the only one-- who thinks my crafting is interesting..brownie points for him!!