Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Looking for-----

"MY" style!!!! All my creations seem to be so different that I was told..they cant be picked out as--- MY Style!!! But getting  closer heheheh---Do have --two --big eyed gals in my  latest creations--- of cloth dolls---Nothing like my clay dolls or my nylon-sculpted dolls or or my wooden dolls-- And----Two dolls in this pix --have embroidered faces and the other two are painted---I have even tried blank faces--I think Mr Moo is trying to tell me...No more ( or slow down)--the web browsing====So--- my fickle muse can walk a straighter path-- Too late----I have a new book from Japan on felting  and I have been browsing  Russian blogs-- SO in awe of these gals and their work-- I have pinned a half dozen or so  of their  creations --on  my Pinterst---Soooo Who cares about finding a style---- I am having too much fun--- experimenting with everyone else's---Not copying  tho--- as my dolls never even come out like I PLAN---and sometimes they are sooo off the wall--I even wonder where they come from?????HMMMMMMM
But there is nothing like  wallowing (can I say that??_)  in a variety of creative juices elsewhere--to refresh you  own creative spring..Now to start my newest projects and not just THINK about them!!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

One of those days

It snowed  in NC!! Not that it never snows but lets say---It is a rarity!! SO my trek out to feed  the birds who faithfully visit--didn't get past my back step--Mr Moo let me know he wasn't   up to getting out of bed

And yet another dolly is waiting for finishing!?!?!Nope  not a rarity --- More like the usual-- hihi ----cept for the snow-----Hope everyone is cozy in their lil corner of the world..Toasting you with my cup of hot chocolate!!!!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Monday, February 11, 2013


she packs them up for school ----I did a quick shot----Not a very flattering pix of her hard work  Always photographs better on the porch in daylight---etc----The lil glass frog hides himself so well in the grass that I was lucky his face showed-up  The jellyfish  just shines so pretty in the light and the snake is --I  think the best-- Still good or bad shot..I now have proof of this project to save for her and proof (to all--hihi) that we are still creating at Jandees play space-----  

well I guess

I am feeling better !?!? Yep I was sick---- hate those times-- dont feel like doing much-- Which has been (and hopefully will be ) rare around here  !! The Rarer the better I say--- Cuz when I feel better Look what  we get done--- Dolly is happy--because she has her outfit and then there is Kami and her school projects

Lets see--A clay snake--wrapped around a tree branch  and a " glass" frog..Yep we did that one with hot glue.. Made me appreciate clay for sure..but it worked out well enough  and then  some sea beings--Of course she always picks the hardest creatures to capture..This for science and how animals  cope--- I hope we don't forget to get pixs  when we are finished ---  with these latest  projects----I finally figured out why I don't stick to one product.. Her sloth was cloth  ..  and fur-----her hooded toad was  polymer clay--her  art project was--- found items in a artistic layout ==her snake is air dry clay--- her glass frog is hot glue and then some---- her  jelly fish  used up the plastic wrap-- we made an "egg" bunny and  needle felted animals...As you can tell--we have just about tried it all--hmmm I did say just about!!!! We always seem to find new things and new ways-----We have had costumes to make and  toys  found  that were too expensive to buy so we made the next best thing...We have made    pillow cases and party dresses and hats and  pocket books--OH MY!!! we do try everything--even T-shirts with our own logos and drawings..  ---- always on the look out for something new--to try ---Some we have to ---- and some is just pure fun!!! May you all have FUN DAYS!!!!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Getting there

Slow but sure--------I had an outfit in mind..before I started this doll--- but now she doesn't want to wear--- anything ---I  try on her-----hmmmm    ---SO tomorrow I plan on a lil  (dolly) shopping -- First-I have to call the doc  about some problems  I have been having lately--- So the shopping should sweeten the day some--And finding something that works  for ---Both of US--- would make my day!!

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Guess there ARE people out there who read my blog--- cuz here are just a few of the cute things that have been sent to me--- Words for my journal-ing and KUTE KAT pixs because of Mr Moo and my cat widget

Thanks!! I will try to slip more in here and there--Keep them coming  I love the all---xoxoxox

Friday, January 25, 2013


No --wait---  I mean journal-ing ---  in  a "dreamy" state of mind??? As I have said before--I revert to drawing-- when I need an "easy"- get to--artistic  outlet ---(drawing has always been my best outlet)...I have tried journal-ing  ---as  you can do a lot of mixed media with that----- But after pretty-ing up the pages --I am at a loss...Never kept a diary  -- Words are work for me !!?!?!Well words that convey a wise or meaningful message!!!  but I did  "try" to journal----  And---I  had marbled some paper a while back and drew people on them---..Loved that ---but these  pages  were done with sprayed inkand
The dragonfly was made of fantasy paper -- and the  lil lady dancing on the lace was a left over ( Shrink plastic) charm ---I had made for a swap--and she is dancing on a piece of lace--I found---In other words --my ufos are finally getting recycled into something---  I think!?!?!?!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Proof postive

That I -never-- have any space-- all to myself ---(hmmmm) --  esp this weekend---- My  DH --My dolls--and MR MOO-- Have elected to keep me company--No matter What--- What being--- feeling "yucky" ( and hopefully it isn't the start of something  - drastic!?!?! like the flu bug going around) and feeling guilty that I have so many UFOs---Did get a  special project-- with a Gran --finished ---and  am "not" completely down for the count yet--Still it is a holiday --MLKD--and no one had to go to work---Maybe I just wanted to Par-ty!?!?!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

What is this????

Put simply----TOOLS!!!!!!!! to start my New Year  --Crafting!!! 
 And this is my first try--------- I am either going to coer this armature in cloth or clay!?!?!?!?!?!?!
 And ---THIS --- is--my BLUBEAR--- from my  wonderful friend  Kai---Oh so much work!!and soooo beautiful---She may be blue --- but she made  it a "golden" day for me--- Thanks soooo much Kaidoodle!!Like I always tell Kai---I only WISH I could crochet and I adore crochet--but  not a talent I  possess--or should I say quite frankly--ever possess--LOL!!
And this is another birthday (and get going crafting again my friend /wish) from Elena...Sooooooooo after much moping and groping for Ideas and such----I pulled out some tools and have at least attempted a start-I also  ordered a project from Jessica  Hamilton and she included a Bongo (birthday gift)  of another project---  Thanks Jessica!!!So now I have  those two projects and my  CP from Brazil and some Fofuchia materials laid out---my wire armature--boy is that a disaster...I use to be able to wrap wire with such ease!! Now I am lost without  "tools"!! Any way--Heres to a New Year Ladies----May it be  healthy-- happy and CREATIVE!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year "everyone"

Been trying to decide  ----just "WHAT" ---I want to do this year????The US is on a fiscal cliff and I --am fighting a creative BLOCK!!! in other words standing on my own cliff!?!?! How do I know??I  have surfed the internet and didn't find a thing--I wanted to try---  Isn't that  just ---SAD!?!?!----I've catered..  (weddings and all sort of parties)---I have painted.. (in every media-- oils --watercolors--colored pencils and special crayons--charcoal --etc)I have made toys in every media---(clay --wood --cloth  tin  etc)  I have sewn for people--(weddings -- costumes  etc)-I have made jewelry --  Zowee--- name it  --AND I AM PRETTY SURE i HAVE TRIED IT!!! (and --  yesssss----gotten paid---- for most) Sadly--I am one of the original--Jill of all trades and master of none!!! Instead of a burning desire to master a craft..I've had a burning desire--- to try my hand at  everything that is out there---Either way-- I think --I am sort of  burned out right now----SO forgive me if I lay low awhile----and if anyone thinks they have found a solution for all this---- Just let me know!!! bIG HUGS FROM A LOST CRAFTER  AKA jANDEE