Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ornaments--Part of my Holidaze

I love lil things ---as you know ---if you follow here--and lately with all the running--I need things I can carry with me and do by hand ---if possible--in the car --- at the doctors office (PS the surgeon has dismissed my hubby YAY!!!!) Waiting for Kids  in the car --to get out of school  etcetra-----SO-- here are some--I have tried---Only problem--I never take a camera for a step by step--- ANYWAY
an easy one to do---Cut a circle and baste the edges and pull the thread until  it is almost closed-- then stuff (I used a ready made pom pom--Either I am getting lazy or smarter ???  but cotton  is good--) Then just trim it ---pom nose and pom on the hat top --oops didn't focus in on that one ---Beard is some small boa trim I had--Eyes are  what I use in  my needlefelting adventures---- told ya I skip around --A LOT!!
 Next  a Felt --not felted -- but "felt" cutie...So many online people making felt cuties--- I think GINGERMELON has a ton of patterns--  I was on the HIVE  for awhile  (Tons of creative souls there) but they moved and I never made the move with them--OTTN??) and LOVED  her creations  -- BUT--I don't use patterns ---  Still----I could draw out-- what I   DO /DID?? if anyone is interested--
Last but not least for today---two styro-foam balls covered in first a red sweater knit (altho a red felt would do as well) and then embroidered in green and white felt /embroidered and cut like flower --petals and stitched onto the  red knit--Yeah--I delved into quilting too and got this idea-----of different pieces sewed together!?!?!?!?!? --my dizzy mind!!!However  sometimes

"I"  think ---lil things---- take longer than  the big ones---Course I always run into problems when I stop to think. Truthfully--lil things--satisfy my need to move on to a new project fast--A "production" gal--I am not--  More like----" there"--- I tried that --I--did that---On to the next---My husband says---as long as my  --OTTN disease stays confined to my crafts and art --- and not him --- heh heh ----

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Kai said...

Okay! YOU WIN!!! You truly ARE the most creative person I know! I'm drooling over all the ornies! And you explain things so well that I THINK I may even be able to try one or two. 'Course they won't look 1/1000 as nice as YOURS, but I think I'll try anyway! And YAY for Ted's release!!!! Way to go, Posa Bihia! Now ... I miss you so EMAIL when you can! 'K? LOOOOOVE YOU!