Wednesday, May 27, 2009


The first lil lady in black was suppose to be my Yoga lady Have to work some more on this pin She has wire hair and bead legs and arms wrapped in black yarn and a flat bead face.. The next pix is the final outfit I made for the pink pin... Everyone here --- liked it the best ---I sort of liked the longer pink skirt (thrid pix) more dreamy!! But the majority won !!! She is now had a petal skirt because the bead legs show more... I love lil pins ---- doesnt take as long to make--- but darn it does take time to think up and do hohoho --cant win!! Wont try -- but --will just keep on trying things out!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Request and results!!?!?!?!?!

WEllllll not final (results) YET!!!! Two -not-- good things ----I dont have my camera around as I work -- and hate to get up and look for it ----and two---the person that requested this doll saw one I made in blue .. in a picture---( as ms blue ---is in another state --now---with her new owner ) and said --- Oh make me one of those in-- Pink ---Talk about challenges!!!! I can never do the same thing twice --- But I did attempt a "similar" doll in 'pink'--- I do like to take pixs -- in the beginning ---to show how I start--- and in the near end --- to see what I have done -- also --to see what else I need to do--- I get a better perspctive with a pix-- I see I need more hair and a different pink skirt and then It should be done!!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Emily is dressed!!! Sorry ---another round of not too clear pictures but good enough!! Made her a calico dress and muslin accessories and my family insisted she have a bonnet sooooooooo Here she is I may add a few things here and there but in general she is finished```

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Still cloth/new direction

Meet Emily--My new doll!! Thanks to my friend Herra --- who---to took me to Cindy Ribet's house with her ..I got hooked on the doll they were making and decided to try one!! I have learned so much and have so much more to learn ---but I am glad I tried her!!! I still need to make her an outfit and that too will be so different!! I usually do more elaborate clothing and this must be simple-er !!! I drew out my own pattern.. because my first try was awful..and I know how I do things.. I guess ---I dont like to copy things-- per se --because it doesnt have to be exact--- Whatever compels this frustrations with patterns etc But Like a person who plays music by ear I sew bysight if that makes sense.. The only problems with that is if I see something I likle I can retain it in my mind and come up with it later WHich I try very very hard Not to Anyway...Here is Emilly I wonder if the cloth doll people will feel I am finally oe of them?????

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Kamis room

Seems like all the things I have made for Kami are clay of some kind /air dry and polymer/This wee lady sits in a pod debating wings like we debate clothes..She has pixie ears but no wings What was I thinking??Below her is a hooded lilzard who is showing off..or scaring off intruders!?!?!The blue fairy on the left is well worn and part of a trio I had made for Kami a few years ago --when she was still In Chicago-- and two others (her friends) --each had picked a color and the fairies hold a "friend "pendant..and the lil aqua fairy is still one of my favorites .. She looks so mischievious doesnt she???
Hmmm-- think -- it-is time to pull out the clay once more ---- What do you think???

Monday, May 4, 2009


Which stands for--- M_ ind O_ f H_ er O_ wn---This doll sure had one ..I thot about making a doll for the hostess of the doll club ---I am going to tomorrow.. this will be my ---YEA ---second visit to a doll club--- Ive waited sooo long to go to one (DOll CLUB) and I owe it all to the hostess tomorrow -- But I didnt think about doing this until the last minute SOOOO LIKE ME And I wonder why I am called the White Rabbit hahaha She was-- to be a red pin doll!! Welllll she is still a small doll--- but too big to be a pin doll--- that is for sure ..And I painted her face-- and then ended up embroidering her eyes and mouth Then her red feather hair became black --and I finally cut into the --Sari--- that was given to make her outfit ..The hostess is Indian--and the sari was given to me by my doctor --- because it had a rip and SHE was throwing it out-- I almost died--All that gorgeous silk --- BUT HOW this doll---WENT FROM A RED PIN DOLL--- TO THIS LIL DOLL -- I'll never know ???? Lest see`--She is still simple enough-- nothing like a couple of Indian dancers-- I have made-- but it just amazes me how she came to be.. I still have lots to do--to/for her but thot I would show her as she will be finished and gone tomorrow I HOPE!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Bragging time

Wish I were a better photographer because this painting was done by my 12 year old grandson on poster board for the Boston tea party-- a school project..If he is good at this age imagine what he will be like later on He always goes the" extra" for his projects--- but I am so happy that he has an artistic bent too!!!