Sunday, January 30, 2011

Goodness Kitty

First you give me a hard time about how I should dress you and then I have a hard time getting clear pictures and then the post!! --Pictures without words and--- Yikes--- and I am going to Try a pattern this year--- and make a video -- and and OMG -- The year has just started and I am already stumbling thru things---------

kitty ie ready to leave

Thursday, January 27, 2011

oh welllll

my "shared" camera is missing!! so no photos yet-- for what I am working on...I attached my lil Air dry clay--- cat head--- You can see it-- laying around in the last post---- to a small body today ---and decided to paint the body...I used some watered down white glue with my paint --- to cover some seams--- and where the clay head was attached to the body --and was delighted to see--- it made the body have a furry look and a lacy look for the bodice !! Don't you just love it--- when you try new things ---and they WORK!!!!But every time I think this one is going to zip right thru-- NO Problems--I do something stupid.. I really liked her face and eyes -- but I didn't wait long enough to start dressing her --- and I pulled some cloth over her face --- and wrecked one of her eyes---I had used top coat nail polish over the paint and it looked dry -- but it wasn't..It had such a nice lil clear dome too..My bad!!! Guess it is good that durn camera is in use elsewhere No need to have pictures to remind me of my goofs!!!! An-d--- I have --three lil dollies to work on--- but I always try to get one done all the way ---One day I will learn to stop-- and let one settle out and work on another one --and then go back to the other one !!! Ya think?????

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


KEEP MY HEARTY (AIR DRY )CLAY IN A PICKLE JAR..OF COURSE i CLEAN IT AND LET IT AIR DRY SO IT DOESN'T SMELL LIKE PICKLES--BUT IT SURE KEEPS THE CLAY FROM' DRYING OUT LIKE SO MANY OTHER CONTAINERS i HAVE TRIED---i ALSO KEEP A PKG OF DIFFERENT SIZES OF FOAM BALLS (FROM THE DOLLAR STORE) AND TOOTHPICKS AND POLYESTER LINING..CUZ IT IS THIN AND STRONG AND i LIKE TO NEEDLE SCULPT MY LIL BODIES---i LIKE HEARTY CLAY BECAUSE IF I decide to cover the clay face in has a soft-- almost stuffed feeling to it...Lets see--- I cant run out for hair..I am baby sitting a sick gran!!! so I found some roping --- and it unwinds into some pretty locks..I have drawers of paints --(because I paint/draw/ on most anything that will take it--- but I usually rely on FOLK ART..for faces and shoes on dolls!!If I get lazy and don't want to "make" shoes!! Happens a lot-- hmmm ---Anyway-- I am trying to set up-- How I do things --in order to -- learn how I can do free tutorials for the people who asked--SO guess this is a learn as we go for all of us hihi I wish it was live so I could have feedback oh what I need to be showing Oh welllllllllllll here goes nothing!?!?!

Sunday, January 23, 2011


"I" am noted for changing things until the last minute and guess what this is the latest and hopefully last change I make to Ms Black n white!! WOnder if you can tell what I did I am not hihi

A peek

At the transformation of my --wire/wrapped/wax/over face -- lil lady.. pulled out of my pile (of works in process--Lots of start and stops--on things-- to keep my mind off the problems going around me__I only seem to finish a project when I have a order or deadline -- this time a swap over at Cindy's Thimbleprims Studio-- She has the neatest blog and swaps etc -- so check her out --if I was better on this computer I would have it out there for you to just click-- but haven't gotten that far with this computer --yet---- Another thing I need to learn more of..Boots-- I think her boots were the hardest for me to come up with--- as we don't have a Hobby Lobby closer than 50 miles -- and too much going on for travel for anything but essentials---Oh I made her stockings out of an old silk handy I had..SO most of the dress was from saved treasures..I love the challenge of seeing --what--can make what!! Grins and pins of tangles art from a tangles mind Jandee


Didn't think I would -ever- get back to this blog--so many things going on here Good and bad..The good is I am still crafting --my island of peace and joy--- in all this crazy mess.. of illnesses and mishaps..Funny thing is EMT-s came for my young grandson ..for an allergic reaction-- that made him pass out-- and hit his head..I am sure the neighbors thot it was for my husband or I -- being the grans---You just never know Anyway -- so far so good -- We all seemed to have survived-- thus far-- and I am going to put up my latest doing And a few before-s like before I got sidetracked-----