Friday, March 30, 2012

Pleasant surprises

Aren't these gorgeous??? They are from my swap partner / Jan Smith/ in--- the UK--I have decided that  these wonderful English lassies are  some of the best swap partners ever--This was a Matchbox swap on Flckr-- Which I found out about--- from  Another fabulous craft-er from England----The ever crafting--always full of ideas ---Sherry Edwards  --- But back to  My lil matchbox --- full of goodies and a matching ATC--Plus all the goodies you see here!!------ SO not only do I learn new things from these wonderful ladies but my naughty muse has decided to to  help me out a lil--I have   five  of  my ten  ATCs  "nearly" done --Whew!!! And no ---they aren't exact --look-a-likes---  but enough-- to get by with --And today  I dropped in at AC MOOREs --to check out tags--  for a tag swap--  and was surprised  to find ---Nothing ---and we didn't have time to go to the Michael's--- about  half hour away --as  No school today --so we were killing time between chauffeuring the kids here and there--Altho someone had said to try--- Staples--  for the tags--- which --IS --in town.--.Anyway I found  something at AC MOOREs ---I "think"!?!? will work -- You know me and my substitutes--- and of course---  I found some inks I liked  etc--etc --But I  wasn't done with pleasant surprises-- The lady in line --in front of me-- couldn't use the 50% off coupon she had --because she only had one thing and it was already discounted---And she turned to me --and said -- HERE  you use it!!!I rest my case--for PLEASANT Surprises!!!   

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Here is my first card

 Made --to see what I would like to make-- and to help me go faster-- knowing what I need-- at hand-- The only problem --is--- I didn't look at the ATC pkg when I bought it (thinking all atcs are alike!!)  Not!!!  This pkg had  four different kinds of paper--and all but the first one  curled up when I sprayed them--- I think I can fix the problem--but next time---!!!!!!Still-- there was no visible difference in the way the papers accepted the  color (whew)And of course I thot of another design I would have liked to use and another and another--but  that is only because I am struggling to do "more than one" of  ONE thing--Anyhoo I thot  this lil bird --singing  of spring-- in the garden-- to this lil girl--was cute--I almost did  a butterfly or my dragonfly made with fantasy paper or just flowers  but I think  others will do this and no doubt better--so I hope my lil gal will be whimsical enough --  that--  "if" the design itself is not quite the same-- the idea is cute enough to pull it thru to satisfy everyone??????? Fingers crossed !!! :)

Soooo What have I been up to?????

Messes of course!!! I joined a new group called the Paper Pantry--  Well new to me--with all their members--I would say they have been around for awhile---  Anyway---Trying a new adventure-- as always---And boy--  was I in for a surprise !!!!!I  am use to  ONE of a kind deals -- and  NOW --I  have to make  Ten----Yes--- Ten --all the same---ATCs  for a swap!! Moi --that  I don't own any of the  paper making doodads..Which means  --my challenge--- will be getting ten things to look alike--I did invest in some spray inks and such--And-- having a ball--- testing them all out-- Cuz  if there is one thing I love  --it is  trying new things and color!!! But --it will be awhile-- before I even--think about investing in one of those embossing or cutting machines----Anyway-- ATC stands for ARTIST  trading  so I guess my drawings will pass for art???? Sure hope so--I started on the Kitchen table--  but the porch door was open-- and birds lulled me out (and things dry faster on the porch) Anyway--I always forget to show how and what I am working on--- I get lost in the process--so this is not a step by step yet-- but I feel good  that I remembered  to take a few pixs  --The theme is Garden dreams and  I have the back almost done on at least five hihi --Here is where I put  my info---

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Kami and  Stormy                                                                                         
Twas a lovely day for a ride----

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Got my Matchbox swap mailed out this week--It went to Lesley(Dupont) in Canada-- Sure hope she likes it???-I started re-doing things--my bad--So I decided to  get it gone--before I wreck something--I realized I didnt take any pixs of what I put in the smaller match boxes  OH wellll  surprise surprise hihi

Monday, March 12, 2012

curiouser and curiouser

THAT---- explains  how life has been for me lately!!! So when I came upon a quote from Alice in Wonderland--I copied it for my desk--and I will share it here----------If I had a world of my own,                    everything would be nonsense.     Nothing would be what it is     because everything would be what it isn't    . And contrary-wise;    what it is     it wouldn't be,     and what it wouldn't be,      it would.     You see? ++++++++++

preparing for spring

Look at what I found--watching  me prepare the yard for spring planting !!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dear  Friends...
As we 'Spring' forward tomorrow before retiring for the evening, a step in deleting one hour from of our life, may the following prayer hold you until we 'Fall' back again,
 in November


As I thank you for the gift of
life, I also thank you for the
gift of wonderful people I have
met along this journey.  Some
of them inspire me, stretch
me, challenge me, love me and
encourage me.  All of them
helped me to realize how
meaningful and beautiful my
life is.  I love them so much.
Bless them -- with good
health, security, wealth,
success, peace and joy.
Grant their prayers too.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


I love little things !! they are so easy to show (and store)   and make!!!! Right now --I am enjoying ATCs- because I am on the run ---- between Illinois and NC and Florida  no less --Should be fun all that traveling --- but  what makes for the running-- is not for fun---  Anyhooo   Here are two Atcs I have concocted on the run--I am also in a Matchbox swap..Shows  how into details I have been  --I read  March and St Pats came to mind---and--I bought a big match box  and tried to alter it--so I could put a few Little match boxs inside it with  tiny gifts--Anywayzzzz I hope I get an "Irish" partner --who loves all things Irish--cuz now I see--it is just a "March" swap---At least a wrong swap is better than NO swap right??OH MY -- back to Tweety---I need a hug!!!!

Tweety (continued)

  Oh My -- I  shouldn't stay away too long--- I forget how to blog!?!?! Got :Tweety's picture up before I commented and then -- my blog wouldn't let me comment--Soooo ---Tweety this is for you!!! Before there were Angry Birds-- There was Tweety--and I still have a couple of T-shirts  with Tweety on them---His sayings were soooo  perfect for my moods/ hmmm! Just pop one on and  didn't have to say a word!! Any hoooo  it has been a super crazy start of a new year for me--And when I saw this lil pix--I knew I had to have it!!!!Next post will be back to my crafting -- (the thing that keeps me sane !?!?!)I have a Match box
Challenge on Flckr--introduced to me by my favorite-- UK Gal --Sherry Edwards--Of-- Sherry's Simple Blog--- I don't know where she gets the energy or the ideas  but  she is  a whirlwind of ideas and energy!!
And Flckr  has so much going on--it should keep even an art/ADD person like me  happy--- for awhile!?!?!Next----------