Friday, April 20, 2012

AND--- so do my relatives !!! Which is why we are taking a trip to meet some.  here in week!!  Hope to meet some  of my NC--- swap partners on the way too --This week   has been full of  Running---for the kids' events--- (Even the weekend is booked)Next--weekend--- everyone is on their own --Not even going to  look at a computer--(I promised my DH--and a promise is a promise---)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Meet "Super Squirrel"

Not my husband's name for him --hmmmmmWhich I have blanked out ---   I almost fell off my computer chair when I saw this picture--It so fits the lil stink who is bugging my husband---Glad to know we aren't the only ones--  who have managed to  get a glimpse of this
lil guy----

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Sounds like we are going to have a wedding soon!!!  and when I saw these  --- fell in love ---  SO cute!!  Soooo I will be  surfing the internet for wedding ideas------The twist to this is  ...The bride -to -be is in love with penguins!! At least they have the right colors --black and white- At least I think black and white are still wedding colors!! SO many new ideas out there----I have seen  a huge (single) paper flower  for the bride to carry  as well as a bouquet of jeweled brooches--Oh My so many NEW Ideas to plow thru-----

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Sentiments exactly Kami

Sometimes the older generation can widen your eyes and make you hold your words in --hihi !?!?!?--First off -- the war with the squirrels has escalated---and so fast that--- we didn't get to  get it  in pictures----YET-----------But for now----Think--- Vaseline  and  Cirque du Soleil------
Then---  the pictures we did get--- of  my jumbled desk --and --- over crowded  work corner---must have been so  horrific --- that the computer deleted them--- itself!!! Cant find a one!!---Have several projects going at once--- and was going to show "why" I don't show my step by step!! I guess I was right!! Not a sight you show off !!!Hmmmmmmmm  But I aint giving up!!  YET hihihi

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Lookeee here --- hihi---My hubby has got the  "crafting" itch!! My brushes and green  paint have been used for a USEFUL cause at last !! I haven't done " USEFUL" Crafts since I gave up mending hmmmmm  We have a back yard full of birds--but I know when the squirrels come to vacuum up the seeds--because  well Lets just say hubby thinks of them as---- ahem  you  put in the words hihi --ANYWAY--- he has been wanting to get some of the Bird seed--  as much out of the squirrels' way --as possible--  and I think the war  is ON ------


Has Anyone seen this???The 15 year old girl who can--and does-- change her looks  into an anime doll---!?!?!   Now don't get me wrong--- I LOVE anime --Painted  or BJD--- but combine this  "look"with the "Lolita Look" already popular---and the people of THE CAPITAL in HUNGER GAMES  comes to mind--

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Another of my goofy
attempts at picture taking-- You would think when my family sees me pull out a camera  --they would say  NO--Let me take it-- or use mine---Well NO --No phone camera for me--- Anyway--Today we were in Raleigh--At Shaw university--where  they were "broadcasting"(forgot the station --dang it)  three jazz bands-- invited to play---And our Kevin had the honor to be in one-- Then --we went to PIE BIRD for a treat!! Then to drop off Kami  for a birthday slumber party -- and Kevin to the movies with friends-----Never a dull moment with kids!!!

Farm time in NC

During Spring break --It has been our pleasure to take Kami out to care for (and ride) Jack--  ( A thoroughbred-)  Not quite the farm we were use to in Illinois  but gorgeous on its own--And --where as my husband   always  does (and has)looked for the biggest eggs he can find --she is esp fond of the bantam eggs she brings home to eat---My camera went dead before  there could be picture evidence of my visits--the only time I remembered to bring the camera ---of course-- But I was the one who took these  --and no--  didn't break the camera when  they tried to take a pix of me hihi  altho I never like taking pixs (of myself) --I didn't get a picture of my favorite horse Quill-- either---A 15 year old Percheron ( and Trudo who is recovering from an injury)--But then It is all about Kami and Jack--and I did get their picture!!and the lil ladies who supplies us with their dainty eggs!!! I think Kami and I are due to paint some horse pictures for her room and maybe a horse quilt--?? We shall see--- I think I have Spring fever because the outside has   more appeal right now than my crafting---

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Have been asked to talk about my favorite products--- and that is quite a feat for me---  since I haven't met a product or a craft-- I didn't like---  and since  like a butterfly--I flit from one thing to another --I haven't really thot about it!?!?!?! I have thot about  making some tutorials--Without all the Ideas and generous people ---that travel this internet--I wouldn't be doing half of what I now do ---and having so much fun!! My---THANKS TO ALL ---- who inspire--- and share so generously!!!!I found this adorable lil girl while looking at stamps------ I need a note book and pen by my computer to write down names---I see something I like-- while searching out things for a project I am doing-- and  Since I don't have a "Favorite"s spot like I did  with my old computer---I have a book mark thingy I haven't gotten the hang of yet---SO I save  things and go looking for it later----MY problem  again is I seem to like  EVERYTHING!!! Cest la vie

Spring Break

The kids are out of school for two weeks and families are taking trips -- Soooooooo My break will be from --hmmm----  Everything !!!!!!!!!!!!!!How is that for Spring Fever!?!?!?!?

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


If the  cute lil squirrels --out side our breakfast nook --eating  "everything" in sight--(nuts -- bread-- bird seed-- according to  the husband ---they should "share" --not eat "everything"-- and "hide" what they cant) or the pile "I" have on the table --to finish tackling my TAGS and ATCs---  frustrated him more this morn !?!?hmmm---- Anyway--  thot I would show you  a finished tag--It is suppose to be a vintage lady with a feather /charm /or stick pin--  and in black 'n' white --or sepia--I chose black and white---and  included  a heart shaped charm ---a small (looks like) stick pin I made --and a feather---I cut out the music from a guitar magazine (my grandson was throwing away)---I scuffed the  picture up  a bit--Put it on a white tag and then put that on a black card stock (I had )and cut to shape -- etc etc-- and  put Melodies and Memories on it!  Now to make three more--I have Five atcs finished-- YAY!!!!!Of course "I" like the very first one best--I tend to lose interest quickly --As I said---  I like --doing-- one of a kind---more than one-- becomes a struggle---But I will  learn from this--!?!?!  I Hope!?!?!?!