Monday, November 2, 2009


Halloween came and went and I didnt put up "Weecheee" my Latest doll!! Sort of a GOTH witch!!! Please note the belt and necklace..I lost the first two to Kami-- and had to go buy two more-- So If she likes it!!! I am not being too dark minded going into GOTH !! I have always liked the simple lil black dress etc and bling -- so guess I was Goth/minded --clothes-wise anyway-- and didnt know it !! hope everyone had a nice Trick n Treat weekend --The tales I could tell-- with the lil wonders that came to our door-- Poor things -- we had some scary things up.. Never took pixs-- Never enough time anymore -- it seems---but the only pixs I wish-- I had -- was their faces at our door --- One lil boy said-- Boy -- you have it so scary-- I almost didnt come up here--- now thats the way I like it I like it!!! teehee Course you wouldnt know it by Weecheee She is a pretty witch !!!


Why Frustrations--well for one I have never attempted a primative doll and I had a hard time going simple me with the big eyes and realistic looks etcetc Didnt realize I had a style until this doll and then I put my twist on her and she wasnt a primative I also put up the first look before I reguessoed her to do over My youngest critic said AWWW GranMA I like the first doll better More YOU!! See why she is my favorite Critic(teehee) anyway I dont like gray grunge so Thanks to Sherri (Goshen) I grunged her up-- brown only I used coffee-- and now-- she smells like she lived in a coffee bag --but we all like coffee here---I put both doll faces up to show the change and remind me of my first attempts and to add to a gee whiz week I cannot get my bloger to let me send thanks to all the nice people who visited and commented on the angels below.. Hope it doesn carry ono to this week too I did my time teehee