Saturday, June 30, 2012

New project

I have several --really --but I thot it was  a --ha-ha or aha???-- moment--- that my husband's bird watching  "fit in" with the one of the projects (an ATC swap)-----That is his lil yellow binoculars behind the ATC-- I am constructing--I have to do one (to almost  finished)-- so I can then see  how to  set up my assembly line--Since I draw and fussy cut--takes me longer than the gals with the cutting machines and stamps--- but space and  moola --keep me dreaming!! I really don't mind tho-- as I love to draw and create---I think "need" is a good thing  --if --- kept in check!?!? What "is" that saying about  -------- being the mother of invention???

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Yay--Have two swaps finished

This is the back   (of course I have to do the back too)and front of my charm tags --  I love this lil cat  and had to include him somewhere---I have the Vintage  cards all wrapped to mail-- so wont undo for more pixs---  But I did add more  goodies to send with them---Now to wrap these tags and finished my ATC swaps and  on to a sewing project--Did a lot of sewing today ---as the kids are leaving for Illinois and had certain outfits they want to take--- that needed a needle and thread taken to them!! Sort of  inspired a need to do a sewing project!  If I get real ambitious--I may even pull out my (Portable) sewing machine! And yet---  Someone gifted me with some new clay---Oh my---What next??????

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

oops not all the pixs came thru

Hi Hi-- This is the front of my Victorian  Bride swap--- I am working on--dunno why it didn't come thru the first time?????

Working on the Victorian bride swap

Funny--This isn't what I had in mind  but  it has turned out nice-----The bottom pic is the back with  my  lil  Victorian note paper and my  spot to sign my name etc--I always  like my back to look nice too!! Got that from my mom --I guess-- who always said -- the inside or back side of whatever you make --should be just as nice as the front----

Monday, June 11, 2012

Another Charm swap

Have  another charm swap due andhere is my first try for the  pearl and alexandrite  challenge---Have the pearls and  look-a-like  alexandrite (goodness is that an expensive stone ----TO GET FOR REAL!!!!)--I Googled it--- to see if I was on the right track!!hmmmm  and  hard to find any substitutes------  anyway ----  Put it the large charm dangle--- then  will have two smaller hanging charms on the side ---The glimmering colors on the tag ( I made) didn't want to  photograph well--as did the  supposedly alexandrite beads --- which are also  glimmering types--couldn't find any  smaller substitutes for the alexandties-- and so had to go with the larger pearls --Luckily--small charms to dangle on the end--- aren't as hard to find! I am sure all the bead-ers and jewelry makers would know just where to go for all this --- but ----Since I do  this on a whim---- every now and then---- I  have to rely on my Google friends!!! Now for the hard part---for me at least---- Trying to make  the other tags the "same"....I am still trying to climb out of my OOAK BOX!! Could be my artist  A DD that makes me want to make  just ONE of EVERYTHING--- Ya know --I do one-- and tire of it ---and want to go to the next thing!! But I am trying!!!!!!!WOnt say I will  ever get into a production mode  but  I AM TRYING!!heh heh!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dipped in Utee

I decided to
  dip my beach  charms in Utee-- and I really like them  better--- The top two are the family favorites--- but I have already done four more ---of the same  four--- soooo  ---- Some other time -- as I have  other things --needed to be finished and experimented on hmmmmmm

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Here's a start

on my next swap at Paper Pantry!!
The theme is "summer fun: and the colors are yellow and orange--Think I mentioned that already???So much going on here--with the end of school closing in on us-- ! Anyways--Lots of horse shows etc coming up-- for Kami and lots of music gigs  for Kevin-- !!Too many projects for me--but then  --that is how it runs-- for everyone nowadays  it seems!!  Anyway here is the card (one of  9 or ten that is)to be made!!,, I have decided to  draw  again!!!  Still  not gathering stamps--which would be so much easier--- but  long story behind that -- and TMI  soo I did a bunch of  shrink plastic for a Christmas swap--then hid the stuff--to rest up from it for awhile and always forget I have it ---for awhile anyway hihi-Wish I didn't get bored so easily-- and get one whole project done before I start another--  My bad!!!  I  have another charm swap and a Victorian bridal swap and TMI--so I better  get going here--Stopped to go see Snow White and the Huntsman last night--Surprise--the guys decided to go with us..Never told us if it was because it was a dark adaptation of the  the old fairy tale--or maybe the  pretty ladies in it??HEH HEH  the guys werent so bad either !!We have quite a few we would   like to see-- but don't always pick up and run like last night-Anyway  I am rambling on here---Have to decide  if I am going with the family to an event or staying home and finishing up some projects????????

Friday, June 1, 2012

Paper Pantry swap has arrived

Woo-hooo!!!! What a gorgeous bunch of ATCs!! Isn't it simply incredible(!!!) how many different ways and ideas --- people can come up with --- with a suggestion of color  ----Which was green ---and an idea to develop-----Garden Dreams!!!  I was going to try and match the cards up with their owners  but there was one name I couldn't quite make out and so not to embarrass myself for my DUH!! moment--I will just let it go !!! I am  developing my next set of atcs today!! The colors are orange and yellow ---and  summer fun or activities!! Cant-- WAIT--- to see how many wonderful  ideas are developed !?!?!?! Back to  my own  creating hihi