Sunday, January 27, 2013


Guess there ARE people out there who read my blog--- cuz here are just a few of the cute things that have been sent to me--- Words for my journal-ing and KUTE KAT pixs because of Mr Moo and my cat widget

Thanks!! I will try to slip more in here and there--Keep them coming  I love the all---xoxoxox

Friday, January 25, 2013


No --wait---  I mean journal-ing ---  in  a "dreamy" state of mind??? As I have said before--I revert to drawing-- when I need an "easy"- get to--artistic  outlet ---(drawing has always been my best outlet)...I have tried journal-ing  ---as  you can do a lot of mixed media with that----- But after pretty-ing up the pages --I am at a loss...Never kept a diary  -- Words are work for me !!?!?!Well words that convey a wise or meaningful message!!!  but I did  "try" to journal----  And---I  had marbled some paper a while back and drew people on them---..Loved that ---but these  pages  were done with sprayed inkand
The dragonfly was made of fantasy paper -- and the  lil lady dancing on the lace was a left over ( Shrink plastic) charm ---I had made for a swap--and she is dancing on a piece of lace--I found---In other words --my ufos are finally getting recycled into something---  I think!?!?!?!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Proof postive

That I -never-- have any space-- all to myself ---(hmmmm) --  esp this weekend---- My  DH --My dolls--and MR MOO-- Have elected to keep me company--No matter What--- What being--- feeling "yucky" ( and hopefully it isn't the start of something  - drastic!?!?! like the flu bug going around) and feeling guilty that I have so many UFOs---Did get a  special project-- with a Gran --finished ---and  am "not" completely down for the count yet--Still it is a holiday --MLKD--and no one had to go to work---Maybe I just wanted to Par-ty!?!?!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

What is this????

Put simply----TOOLS!!!!!!!! to start my New Year  --Crafting!!! 
 And this is my first try--------- I am either going to coer this armature in cloth or clay!?!?!?!?!?!?!
 And ---THIS --- is--my BLUBEAR--- from my  wonderful friend  Kai---Oh so much work!!and soooo beautiful---She may be blue --- but she made  it a "golden" day for me--- Thanks soooo much Kaidoodle!!Like I always tell Kai---I only WISH I could crochet and I adore crochet--but  not a talent I  possess--or should I say quite frankly--ever possess--LOL!!
And this is another birthday (and get going crafting again my friend /wish) from Elena...Sooooooooo after much moping and groping for Ideas and such----I pulled out some tools and have at least attempted a start-I also  ordered a project from Jessica  Hamilton and she included a Bongo (birthday gift)  of another project---  Thanks Jessica!!!So now I have  those two projects and my  CP from Brazil and some Fofuchia materials laid out---my wire armature--boy is that a disaster...I use to be able to wrap wire with such ease!! Now I am lost without  "tools"!! Any way--Heres to a New Year Ladies----May it be  healthy-- happy and CREATIVE!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year "everyone"

Been trying to decide  ----just "WHAT" ---I want to do this year????The US is on a fiscal cliff and I --am fighting a creative BLOCK!!! in other words standing on my own cliff!?!?! How do I know??I  have surfed the internet and didn't find a thing--I wanted to try---  Isn't that  just ---SAD!?!?!----I've catered..  (weddings and all sort of parties)---I have painted.. (in every media-- oils --watercolors--colored pencils and special crayons--charcoal --etc)I have made toys in every media---(clay --wood --cloth  tin  etc)  I have sewn for people--(weddings -- costumes  etc)-I have made jewelry --  Zowee--- name it  --AND I AM PRETTY SURE i HAVE TRIED IT!!! (and --  yesssss----gotten paid---- for most) Sadly--I am one of the original--Jill of all trades and master of none!!! Instead of a burning desire to master a craft..I've had a burning desire--- to try my hand at  everything that is out there---Either way-- I think --I am sort of  burned out right now----SO forgive me if I lay low awhile----and if anyone thinks they have found a solution for all this---- Just let me know!!! bIG HUGS FROM A LOST CRAFTER  AKA jANDEE