Saturday, August 25, 2012

I should--- name this blog--- The FICKLE CRAFTER

Sort of---looks like I am starting Halloween early--but truth be known...I happened on some old polymer clay ---Fimo --- to be exact ----and wondered if it as still usable-----needless to say---it took a lil more prep work than usual  but  it seem to be workable----I have been toying with the idea of doing a BJD  forever--but it wasn't until I saw  one made with beads--  that I fell in love with-- and decided this could be my stepping off stone---to start with one similar---I have seen a few done  similarly --but I guess it finally clicked with me----Last year  I used paper clay  for my Halloween playthings and swaps..And I read where Fimo now has a new paper  clay also...So I may try a few in it--- but for now--I have gone polymer once more-- Christmas is coming--- and maybe-- for once-- I can get a head  start--- Yea  Like that is going to happen heheh  

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Got another 14 mermaids done for a swap (at CRAFTER'S CAFE) and I mailed my first September birthday gifty out--No Pixs of the gifty but did take a few of my mermaids--- which I will share---I drew my mermaids and hope they don't mind -- but I learn so much more--- painting each  one----Imagine my surprise when I had thot I had  quite a few "finished " ---only to find  (the next day) my water colors had faded into the paper---which is all well and good for a picture --- but I wanted dimension-----So I went back with nail polish and LIQUID PEARLS  --I love LP--- Anyway here are some pixs---I started with just a mermaid-- then decided  I wanted more--One that said something to the viewer ----with out me writing my own thots on the ATC---Think I found it ---and I put a   merMAN on the back ---for the ladies --- with my info---I love being in the swaps ----as I see SOOOOOOO many different ideas  and I think they are ALL FABULOUS!!!SOrt of like being in a candy store--SO many fantastic ideas!! OH MY!!!! ( PS  The hair became dimensional when I added yarn strands and  painted over it!)