Tuesday, January 27, 2009


All clothes pins look alike -- Right?? But not these two!! hoho In fact ---My newest CPD doesnt even--look like-- what I had in mind --when I started out..Help --- Where are these bossy lil creatures coming from ???

Saturday, January 24, 2009


I thot the pixs had uploaded but here they are!!


My favorite part-- of "any" creation-- and the thing I start with-- no matter what I am doing--- drawing-- clay --or-- cloth --is the face...Once more-- the lil faces are appearing..I wanted a few for my clothes pins..Just to see what I come up with-- and someone mentioned my nature elf ..He has a home in another state now..so I thot I woud try to see if I could come up with another llil guy --and---I have He has a dried mushroom hat-- and a dried mushroom collar..I never really paint-- these lil guys --in keeping with their nature attire-- but I did sort of put a stain on this one.--just to see-- and I like it!! Also I have a pix of the heads I made for three other clothes pins--out of adc-- I only made three-- as I sort of like the one with the cloth head too..You know me -- and my ADD---I am thinking of making heads to sell or kits and lot of other things in mind-- but that will come later..I am soooo trying to work on something tilll it is done and on to the next..Wish I could organize --"ME"

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


She sat by the sewing machine --waiting patiently for me --to get back to her--I finally have --she has a pretty blue dress and a new blue? (felt)kitty ..Everyone seems to like those lil felt thingees so I decided to make her one-- to sort of match her dress--(Besides-- Kami asked for the felted one and I couldnt say no!!)-She still needs a few things-- but she finallly is getting there..Goodness I had a black dress with white lace --and a brown dress with different quilt trims-- well not actually dresses just a drawn design and material scraps -- but noone here approved-- SO-- I thot -- blue eyes blue dress !! Bingo we all agreed... Now to "finish" her hohohoho-- I have another doll in mind -- Lets see --who and what-- gets FINISHED first !?!?! Maybe another-- off the wall project-- with my clothes pins????

Sunday, January 18, 2009


My kind of doll--finished the first go round!!Maybe because I didnt have any great expectations for the poor lil thing,,, anyway.. I took time off --to --show some ladies --some how tos-- in making clothes pin dolls --and VOILA!! Of course-- after I bought my clothes pins at Michaels..I found some super neat ones at ACE hardware --while looking for some springs..but knowing that I am "NOT" a production master --I didnt buy them--- I will be lucky to get more than two or three more clothes pin doll done..from my stash .My ADD ya know..The two clothes pins pictured here-- were both purchased at Michaels..The one at Ace-- had pointed tips and a sleeker body and head!!!Yep we all used the Michael ones This time around!!!
I did get hair on my lil --big eyed --doll --I pulled out as much of the wool-- I had on her --and put twisted up --Knobby-- yarn---I don't know-- what-- made me think of it-- but I really like the look -- up close and personal.... I also thot to make her a lil cat -- but now-- I pulled out some blue felt and back to the drawing board --Plus I dont know why?? I decided to make her nose smaller-- When I went back -- to her first pixs--- I sort of like the first one.. See why I never get finished with some of the dolls!! And it is not her fault ---as She hasnt said a word..Lordy what will happen when we get to the clothes ??We all know how girls -- big and small -----are about their clothes!!!!!!
Oh Well lets see what problems I can make for myself next!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A new year--a new doll

I usually dont do flat- face - painted- dolls--I remember "WHY" now --NO Patience!!! I like to paint and be done--With cloth-- pencils fade-- water color warps the stuffing unless you prep-- and on and on-- But --I had this big- eyed- lil- girl in mind and just had to try it.. SO the New Year is going to try my patiences too ..as taking pixs as you work shows all the problems..This should prove quite a journey---Are Ya with me??????