Saturday, December 18, 2010

Another snowman on his way

AND!!! I hope it doesnt share the fate of another pkg I sent out --which has bounced around for a couple of weeks under the guise of Priority Mail--ANYway Before I get too busy here I want to wish "everyone" the happiest of Holidays and the Bestest of New Years---

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Elf is on his way


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Prim Angel is on her way

TO Nancy Jo Hill in Clarklake MI ---Merry Christmas NJ ---from all of us here in NC Now We have to see where Mr Elf and Mr SNowman will land!!!?!?!?!??!

Talk about mixed feelings

My Mom --at almost 94 -- as she puts it..has decided to return things!! YOu guessed it--these two Santas were made for her--and now she has sent them "home"!! WHew!! she kept the jackets and clothes I made her-- hohohoOh-- MY Cant even find the words for this one.....psssss Yes --SOmeone noticed that we had strung lights on our bulb tree--Not necessary-- and not as fun to do --but we try most anything around here as you know---Maybe that is why we experience the most unusual things all year long!?!?!?!?!


Now isnt this a perfect lil holiday tree for someone in a nursing home!? Grab one of those green foam cones they sell (even at the dollar store--I believe mine is the DOllar Tree)or if you wish -- the floral dept of a craft store and a box of inexpensive bulbs and pull out the hanger and add airdryclay to the hole left but the missing hanger-- and then add a toothpick--in the adc-- Let it dry and then arrange your bulbs on the cone --SO simple and so colorful for a holiday treat for someone!


Four Names have been pulled..Now to wrap them--- and get all the snailmailaddies----- I am still grumbling about some lost mail.. so maybe I should go ups or fedex-----with these Crazzee thing about all this is the regular mail got thru and the ones I sent Priority and had to be signed for and all that jazz are the ones missing...hmmm all those things must signal "Lookee" this one is a goodie!!!YA think???GRRRRRRRRRRR

Friday, December 10, 2010


hERE IS THE GIVEAWAYS---and a PS..I am constantly being asked if I have an ETSY SHOP..Thanks everyone -- I know that is a life is too complicated right now to do that kind of selling ---the paypals and mailings and I let my seller license go--- and i live in a new state and all that jazz you handle so well when you are just starting out -- I sold for MANY A YEAR in our own store IN ILLINOIS--- along with many other talented people--- I delighted in promoting..including two very talented D_I_LS--who took over when my artistic ADD TURNED me TO CATERING!! WE DIDNT JUST DO CAKES ----WE LOVED TO CHALLENGE (my sons and I)each other over who could be the most creative with veggie platters and fruit platters and Just whatever seemed impossible to do.. Need I say we tried as much as we could hihihihih AND--- I still have some of my (untranslated) japanese garnishing books..WELLLLL "TMI" I know but Now you know!!!!!!!

Mother ---May I ????

COme back in-!?!?--I promise to not walk across you computer and not scatter your wip-- to find a place to nestle--- and ---"if" you give me a lil castnip-- i WONT EVEN TRY TO EAT YOUR AIRDRY CLAY?? or chew on any rubber bands I can find---Hmmm Moo's deals last as long as mine! tho?!?!I had my prim angel in the giveaway and unthinkingly sold it to someone--..but like Mr MOO---I DEAL---AND LIKE MR MOO -- I DO GET MYSELF INTO MORE MESSES..i AM MAKING A PRIM TO ORDER NOW -- THat means finding the right colors and such... and more CHristmasy !?!?SO Yes I let him in because untill I learn--cant expect him to learn??I am reposting the giveaways as some people have thot it just two things..ANd if I dont put them up I will let myself sell them before the give away---

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Or is that VOODOOO??? Anyway --- I scared the peegeebees out of my Round Robin partners--- by sending them sticks wrapped in black raffia--- for them to finish ---and send back to me...I told them --I sometimes---well quite often!! play outside the box!! Still after the initial shock--- they came up with quite a doll!! Isnt she great!!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Now What???

more snowmen?? Dont we ever get to sleep anymore?? Whats more I hate snow and you are making more snowmen??? Werent you grumbling because it snowed here in NC the other day?? I thot we left the snow behind in Illinois and I thot bed was for sleeping not putting junk all over it and and and HUMANS I give up!!!! I am Mr Moo and that is my two cents on this CHristmas crafting!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

meet "OPSI"

WHY OPSI?? Well my daughter bought me an order--from her work--- for a simple doll..for a little girl--I told her I dont do simple --- and she said -- OH Mom -- that should be so much easier-- HRUMP Is that a challenge??-SO I made a simple doll-- out of soft quishy material--- but - she needed clothes -- (to me at least) -- SO I made her a bonnet our of velvet and a pretty velvet and lace dress-- and Of course then-- she needed --at least eyes - so I put in lil black button ones-- and there is where--- OPSI-- came in---I was told to lose her fancy clothes and put something that could be played with..ANd lose those lil black button eyes --Not safe --- welll I can hand embroider some eyelashes or something .BUT..It is going to bug me not to have a full face and I will have to make another doll just to wear the fancy clothes...TOnight I embroider some eyes ...I hope I can leave it there But I have to admit Opsi is kinda cute !! And once is always enough for me soooooooooooooooo

Sunday, December 5, 2010


this belongs to the post below

my elf

THis is the lil elf ---who will help me pick names out of a basket---Can you guess she loves horses !!! She is a very good crafter too!!In fact she is very good at a lot of things !! I thot about trying to get her music lessons from a doll club memeber because she plays what they call the bells at school and the cello and piano and loves new things ANyway She goes to Disneyland (FLA)for a competition this week --so when she gets back-- we should be a picking!!!


WHIle I am experimenting I pulled out one of the three resin heads -- I was given ( from a crafty friend in Illinois --who is also moving...and selling all her goodies toO-- BAD i CANT BRING ANYTHING BACK WITH ME .We are in too small a space right now to have ANYTHING!! So Jenny cant give it to me and I cant bring anything back boohooo anyway TMI --Back to the story...I tried a wax over on one of the heads to warm it up a lil and it does look warmer but shiny and some colors are a lil off so have some redos But heck that is what experimenting is all about LEARNING !! WHile I was takng a pix of the face I took one of my lil silver bell to see if I could get a better look for you and show her 24 hours later when the nail polish had dried,,,, Either I retouch a few parts and leave her like so or I put hair and paint a face???? WIll let you know hehehehehe

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Guess--- what I do--- when that old ADD hits??? Turn to "experimenting"!!! I was walking thru a store the other day--- and saw this silver ornament for a dollar and then my husband and I mosied on over to the store right next door and I found the cutest lil doll for a dollar..and then I looked for some nail polish..white and silver..My husband has learned --not-- to question the purchases-- haha-- But I was right -- the white nail polish makes the doll look like porcelein --and the siver helps add her into the ornament-- I did put the wrong glue to hold her-- in the ornament and it sort of ate the foam inside -- but it was too full anyway-- and after all it is only an experiment --I havent decided if I will paint features on the face and if the hair will be black nail polish or white mohair??? < am thinking this will be a neat project for Kami and her friends...And I am trying to learn how to work myself into my New Year promise to show How I do things !!! I have taught HOW--- but i CANT DO PATTERNS..i CAN ONLY DO FACE TO FACE THUS FAR....AND USUALLY JUST KIDS BECAUSE THEY DONT ALWAYS KNOW MORE THAN ME HEHEHEH


Looks like everyone is packing to leave me !!