Friday, September 25, 2009

Black and white

Use to be that simple for me to create Now I change my mind so often the blurrr I create is maddening Take this lil ghost no witch no bat doll Oh my what will she be?? My Lil granddaughter lous her tho so that is good enough for me She is my partner in crating things soooooo Here is What is new at our house.. If we can keep MR Moo our black cat away He pays a lil too hard Chewed up the face of one of my soon to be swaps so had to do her over Oh my !!!! Never a dull moment!!

Monday, September 14, 2009


I have joined two new swaps --- and try as I might ---cant get the badges up-- even with other people trying to help SO I am just going to post them this way
This is Zan's ----over at http:// Love this and so glad I got in-- SO will you be -- so hurry on over ---See ya there

Pathenon done yea

Sent to school --My husband is sooo glad because I wanted to add clay to the the colums--Make them fatter as the roof came out bigger than expected but he said it is Kamis project and not a judged model
He calls me Ms Monk -- and I guess I do push to redo a lil too much so It has left the buildingPoor lil Kami painted the colums --a second time getting inside to do it too -- was a lil hard but she did it MY lil MISSIE MONK???Oh Granma what have you started or created here --another ms Monk-- But we had fun!! now on to the next

Thursday, September 10, 2009

What is this???

Craftin Homework --with my 9 year old grandaughter -- we-- decidec to use the easiest materials-- and go from there ---We have to make the Parthenon -- so--- so far--- we have used pencils from the dollar store--- and foam from Michaels -- and paper clay --- Lots to be done yet-- but Yea ----We have a start--- Any suggestions???


Is ready to roll -- She has her lil Bat fuzzy-- and her bag of candy in a web net -- make for her by the spiders...I have my swap partners pkg ready to mail Sounds like I am ahead huh??? NOT!!! but gettin there-- Wish me luck--- because I have so many appts to make-- I am ready to fly away on my broomHMMMMMM