Thursday, December 8, 2011

Friday, December 2, 2011

Trades and swaps

 Trio of Snowflake ornaments


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

MIA Again!!!

Haven't been posting__too much going on---Holidays always seem to turn out to be Holidazes!! is that a word??hi hi Anyway--I did commit myself to a swap at Adys and we each get three people to make ornaments for--using Adys type gurl!! First I drew one of Adys type gurls on shrink plastic and shrunk it and painted it and glued it onto a wooden pink heart..I bought at ACE Moores only I used some Christmas inks on the heart to tone it down and show off the gurl more--Then I found some inexpensive wooden boxes to decorate--I gessoed them and I modpodged some fancy papers I had --on one-- to see what I was going for-- Didn't really like it-- until I used my destressed inks -from Tim Holts Christmas collection- I am still ---- putting on this and taking off that--- but I now have a direction-- A lil goth anime gurl on the top-- and inside I have tissue paper in red and white designs mod podged on! Sorry--I haven't taken any pixs of my orders--They are in and out--and since they are paid for-- don't want them duplicated until they at least leave me hmmmm Anyway--Thats my story and I am sticking to it heh heh!!!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Adys site

Isnt she adorable !! Adys new class starts soon!! Please check it out!! you wont be sorry!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


''TO keep me busy and mind off the "worry" things around me..I made some ATCs --I am taking a class over at Ady's DOD Dollies---Love her take on the eyes--which are a favorite of mine !! So A gal there-- names Tania(from Australia--THey seem to have a ton vo creative people over there) has made interactive ones and Ya know-- it took some thinking to get these done hi hi I didn't want to take the easy way out and buy brads and do-dads-- SO I dug thru my stash and found some bead stringing" wire"---I folded the butterfly wing which I had modpodged for strength and I think I put a paper glaze later Anyway --it now feels like Plastic so it came out good for all this and wraps around the wire nicely-- and the wire is so thin --it doesn't show where I pushed it in and out of the card--- it worked--Then I put it in-- on top of the angels hands--- and put a crystal bead-- and wrapped the wire around it and thru the card to the back and just made a lil wire knot there--- Same for the mermaid She has a crystal in her tummy button--The angel has cotton hair that was gessoed in and the mermaid has string I gessoed and painted over --Wish I could make a video-- I am better at "showing" --how --I did this than telling..but think you can get some idea with this and I am sure there are even better ways out there This was just my take on it--and on keeping me busy-------Lets see what mess I can make next????????


This one is for my daughter Tania--who will be going into the hospital Monday--And as you no doubt guessed Loves Cats..SO I wrote since we cant be sending this naughty looking kitty with a beaded heart and a red bow tie and message to sit with her and to remind her that we love her and are praying for her---Last longer than flowers or candy !Yess there is more but that is not for this blog) All good vibes for her are welcomed Thanks!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

more pixs

Playing with styles

Artistic endever-er --- has returned

Am I a crazy blogger or what?? I forget to come here and let the world in on my newest artistic endevers-- Is that a word?? Never mind I am good at making up my own lately haha-Anyway -- Have a new "persona"l challenge -- A picture a day--- and I am posting a few to show I "am" trying to do it --for as long as I can!?!?hihi --It is so hard for me to stick to anything-- Thanks to all these - wonderful artists on the internet---I love surfing and I think Oh I want to try that--- Anyway -- for now---It is pictures and dolls -- The one I am showing is a cloth doll-- and it seems-- people love a painted face/cloth doll--because I get more requests for them---SO one way or another I am into FACES!! Not that you asked but here is my lastest practice session!!!

Bald is beautiful--oops seem to have lost my other two pictures --------------------------------A mermaid and my golden gal which says am I the same golden happy color inside as out????

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Halloween swap on Facebook

This is my palm--size--(one of the requirements ) doll (which can be taken out of the pumpkin) for the Swap!! I figured -- if babies can be found in the cabbage patches -- then lil witches are found in--the-- pumpkin patches!! Ya think???

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kami's art

This is Kami --my youngest gran and the most artistic of the 7-- I have---I don't post about her too much --due to her mom's restrictions on it--But she is my artistic advisor and buddy Who has many years ahead of her to learn ---still--- she already beats me in her artistic endeavers--- She is the one who named Madame Boo-- and tells me what she thinks looks good etc
After many painful times in our family --Jeff being killed on American Airlines Sept 11th and my dad losing his battle with cancer and losing my youngest son and now mom slipping into dementia..Well If it wasn't for Kami (and her brother Kevin) enlisting me for all their school projects and getting me orders and aiding and abetting in all this..TMI SORRY!!!. SO here is to Kami!! for coloring my world in rainbows -- This post is for you hon!!! Luv ya much Granma!!! Except for the lil clay bear on her lap -- that she made-- during the summer-- the doll and paintings are some of her more recent projects for school She didn't want her face in this-- but it is too cute to leave out!!Dont cha think???

Madame BOO

Madame Boo not only sees the Spirit World but she "!?!"lives in the Spirit World..I'm thinking --Woohoo I do-- do that--- from time to time!! haha think that is ---I am going thru my GOTH phase-- as black is very prominent in my Halloween creations this year-----
Altho a couple of my swaps do have orange on somewhere--And Madame Boo does have a ghostly topknot but the breeze decided to hide it!!And for all you jewelry makers out there please don't hate me for her gaudy "Chain" necklace...We all do what we can !?!?!hmmmmmmm

Monday, August 29, 2011

Too many distractions on this internet

Yep--- I joined in for some ATC swaps and I finally used that material I batik- ed ( Argh my spelling) to make a cloth mermaid for even another swap!! Cant blam ethe internet tho as I have always been a restless craft-er!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

matchbox buddies

The cute lil match box was sent to me by my friend Kai and it inspired some ittybitties....

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Have you ever??

seen one of these lil guys?? Well neither have I!! haha until I started making my Halloween things this year!! First he seemed to be a cat-- but then-- He looked like a bat boy-- but -- if you know me!?!?! my lil creations "never" end up what I think they should be!! This one sure took me out of the box!! hmmmmm and even his lil frosted pumpkin isnt a normal color!! OH MY TG for artistic expression being allowed!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Some pin cushion witches for a swap

See Not all my witches hae a cute face like the one I amnot suppose to show yet!!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Trying to decide

I am suppose to make a "palm"size swap for HALLOWEEN..In my very own 'quirky' fashion--I chose to make it out of cloth instead of the paper clay I have been working with--I wish I could use the "cernit" my dear friend Kai sent me --It has been four years since I played with cernit-- but that is another story--and since my swap partner is a girl-- I am staying away from the monsters I have in mind for my paper clay hmmmm--for now anyway!!!I was planning to make her a lil trick or treater "ghost" --with her pigtails showing thru some cuts in her (sheet) costume-- BUT---She has decided --That is- not- what she wants to be-- finished her today--and we (both) are quite happy ---at how she turned out ---But--- I cant put the finished picture up JUST YET!!! Stay tuned--I am on a roll ---hahaha----

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Many things on the burner

Waiting for some supplies --soooo I pulled out some air dry clay--to keep me "sane"!?!?! while I muddle thru some more of life's "cra-zee" moments...and I noticed my characters are either shocked or sad ..hmmm What is that saying?? Art imitating life or vice versa???I AM sad and shocked at the latest event occurring in my life..Maybe I should just go with the flow as a lot of people out there are feeling the same !!!! I reallly like to draw when I feel this way !! Lets see which muse wins here????????

Check out this Birthday Party

They will be blog hopping too for all who can't make it across the pond -- for the workshops --and they have the neatest stamps and supplies for sale---so .. I urge to you check them out...I am gald I did!!! jmd

Friday, June 17, 2011

Fairy swap part two

Backwards again and they seem to be in the right place before I hit upload Oh well these are a couple of crane book marks beautiful colors but the flash blurred them out---

This is the last page --- more zentangles (laffing here-- because the red line tells me --I mis-spelled --again-- but it wont give me the right spelling --so I must have mis-spelled it so badly -- it doesn't know what the word should be!?!?hihi

The first two pages

This was the first fairy that I didnt know what to do with until I got the journals Good thing her legs were movable hihi I think this is for my swap partner and the lil orange fairy will be my hostess gift?? I have to leave(out of state so going to mail these on to the hostess and let her decide-- Not sure what postage to send !?!? Oh well got them finished..huh!?!?! Be back to blog when I get back !!!

Another swap

Backwards --- But here goes-- This is the last page.. No mood to fight with blogger to get it in order ---

This is for the Paper Fairy swap hosted by Kai--on Celebrating Christmas year SO hard to know what to do with this swap-- I think I have exhausted my poor brain with all I am trying to do-- Sooo you make a fairy and then what??? SO I took a trip to a craft store --and found some journals--- and thot --- WOW--- everyone is journal-ing nowadays!! SO-- I decided --if I put my fairies in a Journal--- It would decorate them- and be a place to be kept safe--my hindsight is always better than my foresight hihi???? Anyway -- I think I am finished -- You know me --always changing things till they are sent--- Anyway-- here is what I have done --This is the inside of the Journal Fist two pages-- and my lil fairy's arms and legs move--So she isn't just pasted in.. and I tried to do one of those zentangle (sp) things with the dragon fly --

This is the cover

Friday, June 3, 2011

One on the way

This is my prim-- bug catcher ---guy no name yet how about Henri? who is going to deliver two bugs for me..--the mode lady butterfly and the lil whimsy caterpillar--(and two chocolate lady bugs thrown in for good measure) I haven't decided where to tack on the wire-work that says --collector But-- I made it Yep I hear the snickers but I did try!?!?! so won't hurt my feelings if I j-ust leave it out-- but there you have the first swap --out the door--- YAY!!--Now to finish my 4th of July challenge -- and start my paper fairy and see when I will get traveling Sam..when I get back from checking in on mom in Fla --there is a Goth doll to be made.. a mural for a ..lil friend...a doll for toddler -- I LOVE IT!!! I love to be busy-- my only problems is to stick to the tasks on hand durn ADD.. and computer ---who feeds my need for new adventures every day---Welllll-- lets see what problems I can stir up for myself now !! Oh I photo- graphed them on a sleeping bag-- on the back porch How appropriate is that---- hihi

Thursday, June 2, 2011


This table should be full of my W-I-P for my swaps!! But it relaxes me to change course-s --Maybe that is why I am always scrambling to meet a deadline..?? I so admire people who can stick to one thing until it is finished!!

Swaps galore

Did I mention that I am in a 4th of July swap at the HIVE??? Here is my start.........


THE SWAP BELOW IS BEING HOSTED BY MY FRIEND--KAI-- AT HER BLOG HERE -- DARN IT-- KAI-- I AM SORRY --I am such a techtard and not a tech nerd -but at least I got it up!?!?!?!

ANother Swap


Thursday, May 26, 2011

and now ----there are four

Finally have four -"bugadoodles" done!! Done means that I have stopped changing and rearranging my work!! Whew!! Time to obsess with some new creations!!!I never knew what a "weird" mind I had-- until I look at my blog pixs ..Until I blogged -I never took pictures..Oh my would I love to have some of the creations in my past---Some were better than what I put out now and some not as good as now -- Cest la vie!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

GLO worm

Darn--- can't see her eyelashes!! and they were a --grr--- to put on--Cant even see how she sparkles Oh wellll
Lets see -- I have one clay worm -- One steam punk bug -- one beaded dragon fly..and one lady butterfly I am thinkg of needlefelting wings !? Could my media be any more--- MIXED?????