Wednesday, November 9, 2011

MIA Again!!!

Haven't been posting__too much going on---Holidays always seem to turn out to be Holidazes!! is that a word??hi hi Anyway--I did commit myself to a swap at Adys and we each get three people to make ornaments for--using Adys type gurl!! First I drew one of Adys type gurls on shrink plastic and shrunk it and painted it and glued it onto a wooden pink heart..I bought at ACE Moores only I used some Christmas inks on the heart to tone it down and show off the gurl more--Then I found some inexpensive wooden boxes to decorate--I gessoed them and I modpodged some fancy papers I had --on one-- to see what I was going for-- Didn't really like it-- until I used my destressed inks -from Tim Holts Christmas collection- I am still ---- putting on this and taking off that--- but I now have a direction-- A lil goth anime gurl on the top-- and inside I have tissue paper in red and white designs mod podged on! Sorry--I haven't taken any pixs of my orders--They are in and out--and since they are paid for-- don't want them duplicated until they at least leave me hmmmm Anyway--Thats my story and I am sticking to it heh heh!!!