Thursday, May 26, 2011

and now ----there are four

Finally have four -"bugadoodles" done!! Done means that I have stopped changing and rearranging my work!! Whew!! Time to obsess with some new creations!!!I never knew what a "weird" mind I had-- until I look at my blog pixs ..Until I blogged -I never took pictures..Oh my would I love to have some of the creations in my past---Some were better than what I put out now and some not as good as now -- Cest la vie!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

GLO worm

Darn--- can't see her eyelashes!! and they were a --grr--- to put on--Cant even see how she sparkles Oh wellll
Lets see -- I have one clay worm -- One steam punk bug -- one beaded dragon fly..and one lady butterfly I am thinkg of needlefelting wings !? Could my media be any more--- MIXED?????

more bugs

This is one of my WIP !! I am deciding what "wings" to make her --I thot of needle felting some !! Going to have to get some suggestions !!? May put her on my face book and ask??? since she is clay with a milifori body --should I stick with clay?? DO the needle felting or just use some paper wings or cloth wings I already have made ?? Wish I had the visions my young students have-- they know what they vision and go right to it..I have already been told what to add to my lil GLO worm below ..She need shoes and a hair bow..or so I am told!! Lets see if I add them??haha maybe let one of my young students add them?? but would that be honest?? for a swap??? SO many questions today!! What say you?? Most probably have to rely on my trusty face book friends to comment but at least I am blogging again for now anyway ... ..

Friday, May 20, 2011

Be kid creative

Guess what "art" was being taught here!!..besides me taking time to post something??? hmmm

Thursday, May 19, 2011

CIndy's badge

Enchanted Hollow Bug Swap! This Swap is at Enchanted Hollow Designs


No-- Not "summer" bugs --but "swap" bugs!! Cindy over at Thimbleprims is having a "bug" swap! Once I made one-- I have gone "bug" happy--- and have made a few!! And true to my crazy muse they are in different medias..Here are my first two and I have three more W_I_P also different medias Which I will show when I get my camera back..It was borrowed --ahem!! needs to be returned !! Anway ---I hope to be able to put up Cindy's swap badge-- and I encourage you to hop over there and sign up ---She has the neatest swaps and the neatest people swapping--all the time!!

Oh My

Has it been that long --since I blogged last? --Let's see-- I am going to put up some pictures-- of a talented young man --who had to design a Shakespearian dress for Juliet--- for a school project and came to me for advice! He went with me-- to buy all the materials-- and picked them all out himself. Since the materials were costly in itself --we decided to make up a pattern as the nearest medieval pattern was 15.00 and would have to be sized down anyway....I think the following speak for them selves --Enjoy the adventure of a first timer (and male to boot) I bow to his talent!!