Tuesday, October 28, 2008


As if I am ever finished --but I have added a few more things-- and packed "KAT " for her trip back to Velia!! No one here --liked the blank stare-- and since I am doing this for someone else -- I thot I would get a majority vote-- on "some" things. well if I didnt do some diffy it wouldnt be myslant on it--.I like Diffy..maybe too diffy-- but I love manga and anime etc etc so I hope Kat is somewhere in between NOW...And to all of you --that commented --Sorree-- I didn't realize they needed my approval to be shown -- Heck-- I am just so happy to have comments..Any way-- I went to read them @ gmail prompted by a friend hihi and oops I just deleted--after I read them anyway I think I did as they dont show up--- How do I approve them??? Welll Know-- that I am happy --you looked-- and I will get this game in gear soon Ihope

Saturday, October 25, 2008

To quote --- the lil Engine

I think I can --I think I can!! Can "what" you say??--Well a friend sent a box of--- UFOS ---and said -- See what you can do with these?? Welllll--- I always like a challenge--My only problem is--Will "she" like--- what I do with them!?!?!We all have such different taste(that is what makes it so interesting --dont you think??) and as you can see-- my newest love is anime..Whatever -- Here is my box of UFOS !! Sorry !! I was in such a hurry to get started--- I didnt "think" (not that is a bothersome problem with me hahah)to pick the first body WHY that one??because she had such a colorful body (and no head) I love to do faces.My friend does gorgeous ART DOLLS.. But she did say-- Go for it-- so here is what I came up with ..and I must have six or more bodies..but some of these already have heads-- and some even have a face sketched in-- SO to get started --I found one I could really have my way with-- haha --thanks Velia !! it has put some life back into my creative spirit!?!?! Which I thot-- I had lost forever with my recent loss--- Ready?? tell me what you think--hohoho I asked for trouble didnt L??

Friday, October 17, 2008

Yes I do pretty too

Someone asked-- if I have given up on pretty dolls and cloth dolls!?!? NOPE-- just gratifying WHIMS!! Lets see I have used paper clay(example -- my red hat lady)-- I have use cernit (Lord Farklemore ) who has a needle-felted cat with a clay face) I have done dolls skinned in nylon(stockings) ---cotton --silk --leather-- porcelain --Some have won awards and some have been in magazines ---and all are adopted...Sadly I havent kept track of most of them It wasnt until I joined an online doll club that I decided to take a few pictures ..but the only looking back I will do is to put up a few I do have pictures of..some of these are on my picturetrail and a few people have said they would send pics of their adopted dolls anyway Like I said -- Ya never know-- which way-- I will decide on next week---!?!?!

Told YA

My new love --for the week --at least-- is BUNKA dolls --I think these can be called that?? The ones I saw on the internet were pretty lil things.. But with Halloween due.. I almost did some Day of the Dead dolls-- but my heart wasnt in it (. Due to a recent death of a family member-)- --Now --these lil ones-- with a comic Halloween twist--- seem to fit the bill-- See how they dance around my computer ??I am haunted `~~I may just try some pretty ones too-- as I loved a couple I saw on the internet!! But would you believe??these are already spoken for Oh my ya just never know!?!?!?!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

newest fun thing

is how well --my -creations blend with Natures !! I will post some started and some finished----I know --Not everyone-- likes these things-- but "someone" might --and too-- It wont be long before I am on to another-- fun--thing -- so bear with me--- and let me know --what you think!!??? Hmm I may wish I had never said that Oh welll!!!

Almost an artist

I think --if I could stick to-- one art --and perfect it..I could call myself an artist !! but-- as soon as I finish one project-- I see another-- I want to try --Of course with the internet --feeding this mostorous curiousity !!!--Still --- I cant just blame the internet-- as I have always had this (artistic?) ADD--- a case in point---My brother just sent me some childhood (colored Chalk) drawings --and said-- What happened ?? I was sure you would be an artist someday !! ?? My reply-- was that I hadn't reallly found my niche yet!! Too many crafts and so little time!! The drawing I am posting-- was of Pika..my then cat-- and I am posting my now (live cat) Mr Moo --because he sits on my craft (and computer) table and keeps me company.. Well if stting on my computer-- and swatting-- and tasting my crafts.. makes him company SOBEIT!! --Also --he is the only one-- who thinks my crafting is interesting..brownie points for him!!

hello world

Since the color pink-- has been on everyone's mind-- lately-- I thot-- I would honor it --and start my blog off with --PINK---I am really --not sure of my direction yet --Not that I ever followed any direction-- or directions hmmm---but I am going to give it a try !!