Saturday, February 28, 2009


I decided to put three mediums-- I love --in one sitting!!One doll --sculpted in green nylon(Stockings?) in back and then a all- felted lil gremlin --- still one of my favorites---looking at a lil clay guy --but my picture taking-- is not the best
at least I have been told that enough times ~~ Oh well you can get the idea I hope !?!?!


I decided to put three mediums I love in one sittin

my only quilt attempt

I am not good with abstract designs so of course my quilt came out like a picture!?!?! It was for a baby-- who could care less-- how it looked-- just for comfort-- so that made it a fun thing --- NO worries--Sorry all you fab quilters--- but I just HAD to try one!! Okay!!!!!

my only quilt attempt

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

mmm good

at the request of Mr Moo at the right and Maukie on the left-- I am putting up two different (crafted) kitties -- One is a furball and one is a gourd made into a kitty---I am woring on a wired jewelry type kitty-- but I cant find where I hid it from myself whe I got frustrated hohoho I dont have mr Moos patienes but I do have his curiousity mmmmmm

break time

With my artistic ADD -- I always need a breakaway from what I am doing-- and someone asked if I made face cabs ?? Haven't in maybe a year--- soooo---Time to practice and here are my first few . on a paper plate no less--.I wasnt happy with them --- too ordinary-- but all I was going for is ----DO I like polymer or airdry clay.. and what finishes???!!! Lucky me tho!! my daughter took them to work-- and traded them for this book..Stumpwork figures --She knows I like to work small-- and now that I am in a PIN group this should be great!?!?!

Monday, February 9, 2009


I am making a "mermaid" necklace--- for my mom's birthday..which is in March-- so the color will be right on--- and then she lives in Fla--- SO the only problem will be-- will SHE like it??? hmmmm --I had these embossing powders sitting round-- and some aqua stones---and one thing led to another... I finally got some new batteries for my camera-- but the pixs still arent that good-- guess I need a new camera !!! Ya think??

Friday, February 6, 2009


forgot to wait for the pixs to upload to the post below but better late than not at all==== hmmmmmm


Kami thot it a neat idea --for the project she had to do --for school -- and-- it seemed simple enough--- it was going to be passed around --and I thot-- well this time --we will do a cloth version ( ya see --the last time--the horned lizzard was clay) --anyway-- she wanted something she could pass around..Well luckily-- it is fine now --to be passed around-- but making it-- had fur everywhere --including --up my nose-- and --in my mouth --and growing on me and my work space--- Repeat after me --- IT WAS A MESS!!!NOW Kami wants a clay sloth too I said give me a few days hoho ..Have you ever really looked at a sloth?? What an odd character he is !!Hmmmmmm