Sunday, August 30, 2009

Meet Lumpkin

my new lil pumpkin-- Darn if she isnt a pumpkin version of Raggedy Ann *all that hair"(and I love RA)I should make a RA-- but never get to it
--I was making something for my toodler "witch" to hold--- but (Lumpkin)ended up too big and distracting--- SO I will have to let her do her own thing--Her blankee is a spider web net-- How kool is that???-Her lil outfit is from a (new) halloween sock/// With my husband's coming surgery-- which will limit outings-- I will be creating up a storm --I hope haha-- SO need to hold a giveaway .. Just have to learn the ropes here-- Now who do I bug to help me out here -Instruct me on what to do I was real proud of myself ---I put some of my creations up on flckr finally ....I love the slide show Wish I had all my things from a lil farther back but hey better late than never.... inch by inch as they say

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Guess they arent ready for Halloween here either wont put my pictures up????? here are a few again

is it Halloween yet???

I started my Halloween projects early --as September will be a crazy month here with -- Wellll all months are crazy around here..but we have hip surgery and eye surgery and you name it coming due in that month....SOoooo I tried to get in the Halloween mood..Must be in one-- cuz not only have I made some Halloweenie thingies -- but already sold some ---Here are a few Some finished /some unfinished..Had to make a new witch- pin- keep but it has a different face... Hope this one doesnt sell before I mail it out... I told my promoters (my grans) shhhh not ready yet -- now If I wanted to sell-- I couldnt-- hohoh-- but when I dont want to -- they goooooooooooooo!!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I am going to take pixs ---step by step--- but what lil time I get to craft-- I rush thru evrything so fast ---I am almost done before I think about pixs--- I am making a Halloween pin keep and a shadow box!! I have changed my mine soooo many times on the shadow. box... I am never comfortable in swaps I have such quirky taste -- I worry about the receiver ?? Oh welllll Here is my " unfinished" pin keep!! She has an orange face .... molded fromADC-- I found some orange strawy looking weed from one of my sache kits/ dont you love my techinal explaintions???She is m olded on a lil knob like thing -- so she can be picked-up by it-- I need to make her arms and hat from some shiny black chenile and whatever else I decide to do hmmmmmm I think the docs meds are getting to me!!!! the underside of the pinkeep has boo in case you might look Yep Quirky-- thats me

Saturday, August 8, 2009

How cute is this??

Oops Sorree I forgot to make it right-- Still cute on its side -- This is what my lil granddaughter made at her art camp -- MUSART all by herself...The pixs she drew will be hung in downtown Apex for a week or so ..and the pixs her mom took of her playing cello and violin and guitar and piano are still not in my hands....She is Nine..Wont even ask my mom what I did at nine hmmmm