Monday, February 21, 2011

yay----- BACK PORCH play

I love being in the open air--- S0-- now --that the weather has turn agreeable --I can create on the back porch again until it gets too hot..but for now -- the breezes and birds singing and nosy squirrels peeking in-- all make it magical once more-------------Hope everyone can say the same ..PS can you tell I am working on my egg series???

Saturday, February 12, 2011


the Doll came out last--- and I wanted her first--- Now I have done the switch-a-roo before-- but this time-- I couldn't get the pixs or blog to do what I want!! Better tho --I think--- because--- you get to see all the extras she sent-- that were so delicately crafted for this swap----


Guess what I received?? MY SWAP--- FROM ANGELA DEWEESE ---my multi-talented just all round wonderful ---partner (Thanks Cindy for the pairing)---Which reminds me to practice my paste and copy thingy..because Cindy's blog has more things going on -- and she is one of the best hostess ----This is Thimbleprims' ---- Quaint Old Fashion doll swap---I love her size -- her look-- but I wont go on and on I think the pictures will tell it all..only thing I worry about is my ability to take pictures -- but- I think!??! I got some good ones lately !! there is hope for me yet Ya think???????

I am B ack

Whew--- Did the bug make its rounds here!!!Took Kami to the doctor yesterday and she didn't check out for flu--- I guess the flu has its own meds -- that are useless for anything else-- but ears were bad-- and throat and fever----To me --just as sick ---and required meds --Us/ adults just went thru Motrin and Advil and Bayers and anything that the mean time I got the bestest--- get well/ valentine[ and friend card from Kai-- ALways a smile giver that Kai!! Anyway...posted a pix here and hug up the sign on my door to keep me smiling

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wellllll Lets face it

I "am" the worlds worst photographer..Ms Kittee's (IMHO) eyes were her best feature and they look awful in the pix----Still trying tho-- here is two more awful attempts for my March madness--Trying to make something Irish---Had some small dried mushrooms (shrooms as they call them around here) that reminded me of a Leprechaun and some green felt that-- you guessed it-- reminded me of clover.. Should have been a four leaf deal but we wont go into that ha ha...too big for the pin I had started out to do--Oh welll I have a lot of March birthdays and I am behind in giveaways and--Something will come of all of this !?!?!? I hope!?!?!!?