Saturday, August 25, 2012

I should--- name this blog--- The FICKLE CRAFTER

Sort of---looks like I am starting Halloween early--but truth be known...I happened on some old polymer clay ---Fimo --- to be exact ----and wondered if it as still usable-----needless to say---it took a lil more prep work than usual  but  it seem to be workable----I have been toying with the idea of doing a BJD  forever--but it wasn't until I saw  one made with beads--  that I fell in love with-- and decided this could be my stepping off stone---to start with one similar---I have seen a few done  similarly --but I guess it finally clicked with me----Last year  I used paper clay  for my Halloween playthings and swaps..And I read where Fimo now has a new paper  clay also...So I may try a few in it--- but for now--I have gone polymer once more-- Christmas is coming--- and maybe-- for once-- I can get a head  start--- Yea  Like that is going to happen heheh  

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Kai said...

I DID comment yesterday but I can't see the comment moderator thing well & I can't understand the AUDIO part. LOL! So let's see if I can today. I WISH I could make EVERY KIND OF CRAFT like you can! You always amaze me! LOVING this new sculpt & eager to see her completed!