Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I am back

Thank goodness for swaps and challenges --I need the "play"time before I start my Christmas orders---Hubby had his second hip replaced and  that meant  another stay in the hospital   for me----I had just been in myself/ for other reasons / but  he didn't  (and wouldn't) stay with me  --MEN!!!!(to tell the truth I like being alone when I am sick..I hate being fussed over and fussed at--- hihi--but I did with him  because he is just a bear when he is sick --He has to be talked into things and nurses --well he had a couple thrown off his case hmmmm---   add to that----sleeping on a chair wasn't  much fun for either!! And if I hadn't  gone to the rehab daily  afterwards/ via the freeway--to take him out of his room and into their lil outside garden daily---noone would have survived--hmmmmmm --He hates being cooped up --with all the helplessness---the smells-- the food -- the meds --  OH MY!!! TO say he is NOT a good patient --well there are no words for his attitude --- but we made it home  YAY!! I have been so  out of it these last few weeks   (whatever --- who is counting)  Then I remembered ---- I have  some swaps---  but---No time to go --and shop ----With PTs and OTs coming here--- and grans to pick up from school  and groceries to get  and well you know--- all dem excuses-----What can I do??? Found  some FIMO light-- I have been wanting to try--- and a few odds and ends in my stash--- And I have a Witch--hmmm could that be me?? and an angel (also me --hihi) in the making----As always --- my hubby calls them ---aliens --UNTIL---they go into their final stage---ANYWAYS---It is good to be crafting again!!! so here is a peek at my ALIENS!!!!!!