Saturday, June 2, 2012

Here's a start

on my next swap at Paper Pantry!!
The theme is "summer fun: and the colors are yellow and orange--Think I mentioned that already???So much going on here--with the end of school closing in on us-- ! Anyways--Lots of horse shows etc coming up-- for Kami and lots of music gigs  for Kevin-- !!Too many projects for me--but then  --that is how it runs-- for everyone nowadays  it seems!!  Anyway here is the card (one of  9 or ten that is)to be made!!,, I have decided to  draw  again!!!  Still  not gathering stamps--which would be so much easier--- but  long story behind that -- and TMI  soo I did a bunch of  shrink plastic for a Christmas swap--then hid the stuff--to rest up from it for awhile and always forget I have it ---for awhile anyway hihi-Wish I didn't get bored so easily-- and get one whole project done before I start another--  My bad!!!  I  have another charm swap and a Victorian bridal swap and TMI--so I better  get going here--Stopped to go see Snow White and the Huntsman last night--Surprise--the guys decided to go with us..Never told us if it was because it was a dark adaptation of the  the old fairy tale--or maybe the  pretty ladies in it??HEH HEH  the guys werent so bad either !!We have quite a few we would   like to see-- but don't always pick up and run like last night-Anyway  I am rambling on here---Have to decide  if I am going with the family to an event or staying home and finishing up some projects????????

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