Sunday, December 14, 2008


I know my photos are famously blurry!! hmmm --But at least-- it can give you an idea-- of what I am up to ..If I would remember to take them -- Already sent out a lil gold Christmas angel and a lil cloth pillow/heart with a crystal heart and a saying attached !! But-- I did get a p ix of the red-fairy --who is finally finished --- had trouble with her feet ---long story--- but she is fini-- finally~~~I sent my swaps -- and I have two lil ladies in the closet crying for me to finish them before I make more useful items for the family.. I think I wouldnt know what to do with my self -- if I wasnt in a race about something -- Maybe that is why I love the lil stress dolls --- soooo me !!hohoho---OH welllll

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Well I actually made the deadline on these two --Now to see-- If I can cook those Colombian deserts-- we need for the exhibit--If they come out I may even add a pix here hohoh Now to see if my swaps are on time Oh my I havent even started on Christmas -- much less my swaps and I thot my alnighterdays were dont hmmm

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Talk About frustration

I offered to make two Colombian Dolls for a South American event at school..Well the gal is almost finihed but I didnt take pixs along the way because I had so many things go wrong..The mohair I used for the hair grew all over her and I did so much to tame it I finally pulled it all off and I also ruined the face Oh My Then after I had her all dressed--- the Spanish teacher-- who is from Colombia-- suggested a differen material -- but NO way am I going to change a thing -- and the male doll which- I did get a pix of --before I have finished -- is up for all to see in all his errors -- Well ya know-- W8man are more touchy-- than men about you seeing them less than perfect hohohohohoho