Monday, October 31, 2011

Adys site

Isnt she adorable !! Adys new class starts soon!! Please check it out!! you wont be sorry!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


''TO keep me busy and mind off the "worry" things around me..I made some ATCs --I am taking a class over at Ady's DOD Dollies---Love her take on the eyes--which are a favorite of mine !! So A gal there-- names Tania(from Australia--THey seem to have a ton vo creative people over there) has made interactive ones and Ya know-- it took some thinking to get these done hi hi I didn't want to take the easy way out and buy brads and do-dads-- SO I dug thru my stash and found some bead stringing" wire"---I folded the butterfly wing which I had modpodged for strength and I think I put a paper glaze later Anyway --it now feels like Plastic so it came out good for all this and wraps around the wire nicely-- and the wire is so thin --it doesn't show where I pushed it in and out of the card--- it worked--Then I put it in-- on top of the angels hands--- and put a crystal bead-- and wrapped the wire around it and thru the card to the back and just made a lil wire knot there--- Same for the mermaid She has a crystal in her tummy button--The angel has cotton hair that was gessoed in and the mermaid has string I gessoed and painted over --Wish I could make a video-- I am better at "showing" --how --I did this than telling..but think you can get some idea with this and I am sure there are even better ways out there This was just my take on it--and on keeping me busy-------Lets see what mess I can make next????????


This one is for my daughter Tania--who will be going into the hospital Monday--And as you no doubt guessed Loves Cats..SO I wrote since we cant be sending this naughty looking kitty with a beaded heart and a red bow tie and message to sit with her and to remind her that we love her and are praying for her---Last longer than flowers or candy !Yess there is more but that is not for this blog) All good vibes for her are welcomed Thanks!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

more pixs

Playing with styles

Artistic endever-er --- has returned

Am I a crazy blogger or what?? I forget to come here and let the world in on my newest artistic endevers-- Is that a word?? Never mind I am good at making up my own lately haha-Anyway -- Have a new "persona"l challenge -- A picture a day--- and I am posting a few to show I "am" trying to do it --for as long as I can!?!?hihi --It is so hard for me to stick to anything-- Thanks to all these - wonderful artists on the internet---I love surfing and I think Oh I want to try that--- Anyway -- for now---It is pictures and dolls -- The one I am showing is a cloth doll-- and it seems-- people love a painted face/cloth doll--because I get more requests for them---SO one way or another I am into FACES!! Not that you asked but here is my lastest practice session!!!

Bald is beautiful--oops seem to have lost my other two pictures --------------------------------A mermaid and my golden gal which says am I the same golden happy color inside as out????

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Halloween swap on Facebook

This is my palm--size--(one of the requirements ) doll (which can be taken out of the pumpkin) for the Swap!! I figured -- if babies can be found in the cabbage patches -- then lil witches are found in--the-- pumpkin patches!! Ya think???