Saturday, November 17, 2012

little things

Alien #2Is Mr Dust Whisper-er..I am debating --- lint from my washing machine --or--wool roving  to put in his arms for dust--so yesss-- he isn't finished--but thot I would put up a few of the lil things I am finishing up--before I start my holiday items--Next is the kitty I promised my  daughter  #2 ---and last but not least is an angel ornament--(start of my holiday goodies) Sorry--- the rush pictures aren't--the greatest  but if you follow my blog you already  know  I cant take good pictures!! If I could  --I would put tutorials up ---on  the YOU TUBE acct---- I have had forever--- and still zilch on it---I do share my tips and techs -- in person -- LOVE SHARING and spreading the art around--Just  not a techie !  AND---Lately ----it has been a hassle  just to craft!!!To keep my Blog and Facebook etc  etc   going!!AM I just slwoing down or is thee world spinning faster???????????

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Kai said...

WOW!!!! I can't decide which I like MOST! All three, but of course the CAT is probably my fave! You MADE it???? HOW did you DO that? Tania is going to LOVE it! Funny - the twice-sent, twice-returned bd gift I sent her is ALSO a cat! But NOT as wonderful as YOURS! LOOOOOVE YOU! Did you get my email the other night? WRITE SOOOON!