Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fairy fantasies

These tags --one of which is shown here---are also for  the Paper Pantry ---It had to have a fairy on it-- and a acetate overlay  --SO I sprayed the background and put in a lil fairy and surrounded her with pressed (dried) flowers--then I put the overlay-- and put a lil girl--on it-- who had just discovered her----In back I have a lil elf who has discovered some fairies at play--He is in all gray --as the front says -- (In the black and white of this world ---is a gray-- that is fairyland
--colored by our imagination!) The lil holder-- for the tag --is all black-- with black and silver embellishments!! Lots of fussy work but fun --Hope I didn't go overboard  I kept adding and adding!!?????
There is a silver charm (on each tag in back) and in front there is a lil bronze key with dried flowers and the saying  --Unlock the Magic!!!

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