Monday, November 26, 2012


or I will be--- Not from crafting tho---I have to show a few high school-ers- how  to go about making a Snoopy Pinata ---How messy can we get????Oh well if it helps their Spanish grades???I am debating  picture taking during the process--We'll see!!??!! Then I have a Cavalier costume to make for the English class-- --However the  thirteen year old--- only asked me to take a bunch of girls to see Breaking Dawn--No problem--except I never like to sit sooooo close to a BIG screen..but honestly --the places was jammed---SO cant blame it on the girls---oh yess We have a Christmas  parade to get ready for----

Friday, November 23, 2012

My new adventure ----- FOFUCHA!!!!?????

 And  IT  looked so--- easy????  ----when   I watched a couple of   ladies--on YOU TUBE--- showing you how they are made----( EVA  foam and a glue gun!! Among other things)  But believe me--It takes PRACTICEand ---I've  watched so  many *you tube* tutorials on  fofucha now-- that  I forgot "which" lady got me hooked 'first'  !!!    I left comments wondering where I could go for lessons--So far--- no reply..I guess my Google translation of Portuguese--just made them shake   their heads in wonder?????? I did manage to get some flesh colored EVA foam  ordered-- altho I couldnt seem to order any of the magazines I thot might help!?!?!but I   am  practicing with white foam---because I found the flesh color hardest to get-- So--if you are interested in this type of---- lil CUTIE--- Write in--- FOFUCHA --- on your YOU TUBE search bar---You will get a  lot of wonderful tutorials--and ideas------I am also trying my hand at making  their flexible masa --or porcelaina fria --I  have worked in air dry clay  and  polymer clay --but the PF  seems to dry so much faster--which will jive with my impatiences---- just fine !! And sure would help with  my holiday gifts  etc!!! Hope your holidays are proving as adventurous as mine--Big hugs..Jandee --  

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Today is Thanksgiving! Why didn't the holidays arrive this fast when I was younger?? Maybe I should put in my  Christmas wishes-- with this Thanksgiving wish!! So nothing can slip past me in this busiest of seasons!!!!  BUT --I know ---you know ---I am thankful for everything and esp--- my internet family -- Still--- never hurts to remind everyone---You have kept me sane-- thru many sorrows --and giddily happy thru many triumphs---Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

little things

Alien #2Is Mr Dust Whisper-er..I am debating --- lint from my washing machine --or--wool roving  to put in his arms for dust--so yesss-- he isn't finished--but thot I would put up a few of the lil things I am finishing up--before I start my holiday items--Next is the kitty I promised my  daughter  #2 ---and last but not least is an angel ornament--(start of my holiday goodies) Sorry--- the rush pictures aren't--the greatest  but if you follow my blog you already  know  I cant take good pictures!! If I could  --I would put tutorials up ---on  the YOU TUBE acct---- I have had forever--- and still zilch on it---I do share my tips and techs -- in person -- LOVE SHARING and spreading the art around--Just  not a techie !  AND---Lately ----it has been a hassle  just to craft!!!To keep my Blog and Facebook etc  etc   going!!AM I just slwoing down or is thee world spinning faster???????????

Friday, November 2, 2012

one alien finished and more to come

I used a thick holograph paper to make a cone body  --then decided that I didn't like silver with the gold in her yarn hair--So I fused some gold paper--(cant think of the  name of it right now
on  the silver cone---Found some gold ribbon I had  and an ear ring with four gold  pieces  --I dis- assembled --- and this is how I put them all together for my gold ornament angel--who holds her own lil gold ornament------Cant get any BLINGEE "er" that this  (heheh) !?!?!I have a lil hanger  on the top of her head  --to hang her  or she can stand along on a table or shelf---And--- Last-- but not least--  I put some gold wrapped candy --in a gold bag--  with an angel charm-- and stuffed that in the hollow of her cone skirt>>> I am off to mail her today--(after my husbands trip to the therapy center) Now to give a big shout out to Ady  from DOLL DREAMS---Although I have made many dolls in my time--I always seem to  make it so complicated for myself--I cant use a pattern--Lord knows ---I have a few-- unopened ---that people have sent me and swear by them--and I pull them out and go into ??? whatever  and put them back---Anyways--Ady --who loves big eyes girls as much as I do --and has glorious  - art   lessons on her site--offered a class on a doll--But her following  prefers  drawing them --Luckily  I got in on her doll..(Moi--- and maybe two others??? )Before she decides to pull it off----I am thinking of putting my ventures up on Facebook and sending a few doll-making gals out her way----She made a witch--but I am sure you can make anything you want with the process she shows --- I  did----SO Thanks ADY---for sharing your way---   Just Google DOLL DREAMS  for a real treat----  WE ALL LEARN SO MUCH FROM EACH OTHER!!!as FOR ME --- i --AM VERY VISUAL!!! Classes that  are on videos---are my way to learn!!! And ---I-- believe--- you  never stop learning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!