Friday, June 3, 2011

One on the way

This is my prim-- bug catcher ---guy no name yet how about Henri? who is going to deliver two bugs for me..--the mode lady butterfly and the lil whimsy caterpillar--(and two chocolate lady bugs thrown in for good measure) I haven't decided where to tack on the wire-work that says --collector But-- I made it Yep I hear the snickers but I did try!?!?! so won't hurt my feelings if I j-ust leave it out-- but there you have the first swap --out the door--- YAY!!--Now to finish my 4th of July challenge -- and start my paper fairy and see when I will get traveling Sam..when I get back from checking in on mom in Fla --there is a Goth doll to be made.. a mural for a ..lil friend...a doll for toddler -- I LOVE IT!!! I love to be busy-- my only problems is to stick to the tasks on hand durn ADD.. and computer ---who feeds my need for new adventures every day---Welllll-- lets see what problems I can stir up for myself now !! Oh I photo- graphed them on a sleeping bag-- on the back porch How appropriate is that---- hihi

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Kai said...

Oh, SHOOT! You and Naughty went to Fl.??? I was just about to write before the storms start again. WRITE WHEN YOU GET BACK, OKAY???? I LOVE your darling swap items! Henry is AWESOME & you already know I love the buggies! YOU ROCK! And Kaidoodle loves you, my Jan!