Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Madame BOO

Madame Boo not only sees the Spirit World but she "!?!"lives in the Spirit World..I'm thinking --Woohoo I do-- do that--- from time to time!! haha think that is ---I am going thru my GOTH phase-- as black is very prominent in my Halloween creations this year-----
Altho a couple of my swaps do have orange on somewhere--And Madame Boo does have a ghostly topknot but the breeze decided to hide it!!And for all you jewelry makers out there please don't hate me for her gaudy "Chain" necklace...We all do what we can !?!?!hmmmmmmm


just me said...

oh she's wonderful!

Kai said...

My Jan, I think Goth is your SPECIALTY! For real! Madame Boo is a WINNER & I happen to love the black, the topnotch, the BEAUTIFUL mysterious eyes - everything about her! You are just THE best doll maker ANYWHERE & I LOVE YOU!!!! (But you already KNOW that, huh?)