Sunday, August 14, 2011

Trying to decide

I am suppose to make a "palm"size swap for HALLOWEEN..In my very own 'quirky' fashion--I chose to make it out of cloth instead of the paper clay I have been working with--I wish I could use the "cernit" my dear friend Kai sent me --It has been four years since I played with cernit-- but that is another story--and since my swap partner is a girl-- I am staying away from the monsters I have in mind for my paper clay hmmmm--for now anyway!!!I was planning to make her a lil trick or treater "ghost" --with her pigtails showing thru some cuts in her (sheet) costume-- BUT---She has decided --That is- not- what she wants to be-- finished her today--and we (both) are quite happy ---at how she turned out ---But--- I cant put the finished picture up JUST YET!!! Stay tuned--I am on a roll ---hahaha----

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Kai said...

I think she's so tiny & ADORABLE! She would have been a darling ghostie but I KNOW she's a darling witch as well! I LOVE HER, my Jan!