Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Many things on the burner

Waiting for some supplies --soooo I pulled out some air dry clay--to keep me "sane"!?!?! while I muddle thru some more of life's "cra-zee" moments...and I noticed my characters are either shocked or sad ..hmmm What is that saying?? Art imitating life or vice versa???I AM sad and shocked at the latest event occurring in my life..Maybe I should just go with the flow as a lot of people out there are feeling the same !!!! I reallly like to draw when I feel this way !! Lets see which muse wins here????????

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Kai said...

I'm FINALLY getting to check blogs & come across this post! Now I AM worried! But, whatever mood your dolls are in, they are going to be MARVELOUS! It's my JAN I want to know is okay! LOVE the beginnings of ALL these dolls. Love YOU even MORE!