Sunday, October 16, 2011

Artistic endever-er --- has returned

Am I a crazy blogger or what?? I forget to come here and let the world in on my newest artistic endevers-- Is that a word?? Never mind I am good at making up my own lately haha-Anyway -- Have a new "persona"l challenge -- A picture a day--- and I am posting a few to show I "am" trying to do it --for as long as I can!?!?hihi --It is so hard for me to stick to anything-- Thanks to all these - wonderful artists on the internet---I love surfing and I think Oh I want to try that--- Anyway -- for now---It is pictures and dolls -- The one I am showing is a cloth doll-- and it seems-- people love a painted face/cloth doll--because I get more requests for them---SO one way or another I am into FACES!! Not that you asked but here is my lastest practice session!!!

Bald is beautiful--oops seem to have lost my other two pictures --------------------------------A mermaid and my golden gal which says am I the same golden happy color inside as out????

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Kai said...

Sigh. Wish I'D looked this beautiful when I was bald from the chemo. LOL! I don't even look beautiful with HAIR! LOL! And you KNOW the other picture is my ALL TIME FAVE!!!! She's so gorgeous it hurts!