Wednesday, October 26, 2011


''TO keep me busy and mind off the "worry" things around me..I made some ATCs --I am taking a class over at Ady's DOD Dollies---Love her take on the eyes--which are a favorite of mine !! So A gal there-- names Tania(from Australia--THey seem to have a ton vo creative people over there) has made interactive ones and Ya know-- it took some thinking to get these done hi hi I didn't want to take the easy way out and buy brads and do-dads-- SO I dug thru my stash and found some bead stringing" wire"---I folded the butterfly wing which I had modpodged for strength and I think I put a paper glaze later Anyway --it now feels like Plastic so it came out good for all this and wraps around the wire nicely-- and the wire is so thin --it doesn't show where I pushed it in and out of the card--- it worked--Then I put it in-- on top of the angels hands--- and put a crystal bead-- and wrapped the wire around it and thru the card to the back and just made a lil wire knot there--- Same for the mermaid She has a crystal in her tummy button--The angel has cotton hair that was gessoed in and the mermaid has string I gessoed and painted over --Wish I could make a video-- I am better at "showing" --how --I did this than telling..but think you can get some idea with this and I am sure there are even better ways out there This was just my take on it--and on keeping me busy-------Lets see what mess I can make next????????

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