Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kami's art

This is Kami --my youngest gran and the most artistic of the 7-- I have---I don't post about her too much --due to her mom's restrictions on it--But she is my artistic advisor and buddy Who has many years ahead of her to learn ---still--- she already beats me in her artistic endeavers--- She is the one who named Madame Boo-- and tells me what she thinks looks good etc
After many painful times in our family --Jeff being killed on American Airlines Sept 11th and my dad losing his battle with cancer and losing my youngest son and now mom slipping into dementia..Well If it wasn't for Kami (and her brother Kevin) enlisting me for all their school projects and getting me orders and aiding and abetting in all this..TMI SORRY!!!. SO here is to Kami!! for coloring my world in rainbows -- This post is for you hon!!! Luv ya much Granma!!! Except for the lil clay bear on her lap -- that she made-- during the summer-- the doll and paintings are some of her more recent projects for school She didn't want her face in this-- but it is too cute to leave out!!Dont cha think???


Kai said...

THERE'S my sweet lil' Kami-pie! Wow! That girl is SUPER DELUXE TALENTED. I mean, I already KNEW that, but seeing all her creations just cinches it! Not to mention she is such a BEAUTY. Tell her Aunty Kai said to stop that growing up nonsense, tho'. LOL!

Risa said...

She is adoreable, and her art is great!

Christel Hutson said...

Hi Jan, My name is Christel, I just came from Kai s blog, and wanted to see what it is you do! Wonderful, diverse art work!! I love your gyspy..she's fantastic! and your paintings/drawings..very beautiful. Your grandaughter Kami is a beautiful little girl too! I also liked her artwork! what a talented family! Have a great day, nice to meet you