Friday, June 17, 2011

Fairy swap part two

Backwards again and they seem to be in the right place before I hit upload Oh well these are a couple of crane book marks beautiful colors but the flash blurred them out---

This is the last page --- more zentangles (laffing here-- because the red line tells me --I mis-spelled --again-- but it wont give me the right spelling --so I must have mis-spelled it so badly -- it doesn't know what the word should be!?!?hihi

The first two pages

This was the first fairy that I didnt know what to do with until I got the journals Good thing her legs were movable hihi I think this is for my swap partner and the lil orange fairy will be my hostess gift?? I have to leave(out of state so going to mail these on to the hostess and let her decide-- Not sure what postage to send !?!? Oh well got them finished..huh!?!?! Be back to blog when I get back !!!

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just me said...

you are so talented, truly a artist. I love my journal and have been using it for ideas, positive quotes, affirmations, and "scribbles and grins"!!! Now I can follow your blog and see all your other art.