Friday, June 17, 2011

Another swap

Backwards --- But here goes-- This is the last page.. No mood to fight with blogger to get it in order ---

This is for the Paper Fairy swap hosted by Kai--on Celebrating Christmas year SO hard to know what to do with this swap-- I think I have exhausted my poor brain with all I am trying to do-- Sooo you make a fairy and then what??? SO I took a trip to a craft store --and found some journals--- and thot --- WOW--- everyone is journal-ing nowadays!! SO-- I decided --if I put my fairies in a Journal--- It would decorate them- and be a place to be kept safe--my hindsight is always better than my foresight hihi???? Anyway -- I think I am finished -- You know me --always changing things till they are sent--- Anyway-- here is what I have done --This is the inside of the Journal Fist two pages-- and my lil fairy's arms and legs move--So she isn't just pasted in.. and I tried to do one of those zentangle (sp) things with the dragon fly --

This is the cover

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Kai said...

O.M.G.!!!!!! These are abso-freakin'-lutely WONDERFUL, my Jan! I'm SERIOUS! I think that's a BRILLIANT idea! What a treasure your partner will get! I'm serious! I am going to post this & go back and drool some more! LOVE, LOVE, LOOOOOOVE THESE! Also (as you know already) I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Jan!