Thursday, December 4, 2008

Talk About frustration

I offered to make two Colombian Dolls for a South American event at school..Well the gal is almost finihed but I didnt take pixs along the way because I had so many things go wrong..The mohair I used for the hair grew all over her and I did so much to tame it I finally pulled it all off and I also ruined the face Oh My Then after I had her all dressed--- the Spanish teacher-- who is from Colombia-- suggested a differen material -- but NO way am I going to change a thing -- and the male doll which- I did get a pix of --before I have finished -- is up for all to see in all his errors -- Well ya know-- W8man are more touchy-- than men about you seeing them less than perfect hohohohohoho

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Kai said...

That teacher suggested WHAT?????? OH, LET ME AT HER! I 'guess' she was trying to be helpful, but for crying out loud! I'd like to see HER do anything 1/100 as gorgeous! Grrrrrr! As for your gentleman doll, he's wonderful even UNFINISHED! (Kev, terrific job on the coffee bags, too! You & your grandma make a good team!)