Wednesday, November 5, 2008

another Fini

Remember her?? Well her she is finished!! A lil Flower fairy --Who has become --the protector of this lil bird!! Most probably from KAT!! The Lady Kat-- finished before this-- Well really-- Kat should be in California by now-- So "birdie" is safe -- for now-- Hmmmm I decided not to add legs She sits very well -and- she makes a neat wall hanging!!!!The lil fairy that is~~ Cut my hand so the next lil dolly-- in the UFO box --will have to wait--- I can one finger--- peck and-type ---but I need both hands to create and I dont want blood all over-------- WHO--- comes next>>>>


Kai said...

Ohhhhhh, she's GORGEOUS! I LOVE her sweet face, her hair, and her outfit! Those sleeves are AWESOME! You always blow my mind with the beautiful dolls you make!

HElen said...

Hi Jan,
The doll is beautiful!

Hugs, Helen