Friday, October 17, 2008

Yes I do pretty too

Someone asked-- if I have given up on pretty dolls and cloth dolls!?!? NOPE-- just gratifying WHIMS!! Lets see I have used paper clay(example -- my red hat lady)-- I have use cernit (Lord Farklemore ) who has a needle-felted cat with a clay face) I have done dolls skinned in nylon(stockings) ---cotton --silk --leather-- porcelain --Some have won awards and some have been in magazines ---and all are adopted...Sadly I havent kept track of most of them It wasnt until I joined an online doll club that I decided to take a few pictures ..but the only looking back I will do is to put up a few I do have pictures of..some of these are on my picturetrail and a few people have said they would send pics of their adopted dolls anyway Like I said -- Ya never know-- which way-- I will decide on next week---!?!?!

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Kai said...

I recognize these lovely ladies, and they are, as ALWAYS, beautiful! And the fact that you are ABLE to do not only 'pretty' but VARIED, says that you are definitely an artist! I know for a fact that you do beautiful art with wood, clay, metal, beads, stitching, and sketching! I also know I'm forgetting some of the mediums you use! So, yes! You do pretty - and you do WONDERFUL THINGS!